The Barre Chord Experience

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About this lesson

This is the seventh lesson from my Complete Guitar Course.  We’re still studying the beginner section of the course. This is also an excellent way for even intermediate players to brush up on skills. I’ll be uploading one new lesson a week for forty-eight weeks. Each lesson is more challenging than the previous. By the end of the course, if you really put in the practice time, you have the potential to be playing at an advanced level.

There will be an opportunity to have your skills evaluated at each stage of the process. That way you’ll know that you’re qualified to move to the next level. If not, you’ll know why and what needs to be done to move forward.  For a private skill evaluation / guitar lesson please check this out: Doug’s private sessions.

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Week 7 notes:

  • The barre chord experience. Moving into intermediate guitar.
  • Exercise one, not a stellar performance by me.  There are places that I’m not locked into the beat. My excuse… the kick drum should have fewer double kicks.  Still, I’m playing in the ballpark.  Just shows that even a guy that’s been playing guitar for fifty years still needs to practice the fundamentals.
  • Exercise two is for illustration only or for experienced players.  Beginners  skip this one.  Also, my performance is better on this one.  I’ll take a B minus on this one.  I guess I needed something more challenging to get my attention.
  • At 17:32, when using two barres, it’s acceptable for the second barre to be lifted only enough to mute the first string.  So, if getting that first string to sound is frustrating, you can cheat.  I know I do. Also, I explain this in-depth at 20:30.
  • 18:54, if you listen closely, it sounds like I’m playing quarter notes on the A instead of half notes.  This is because there is a little digital delay on the guitar that causes it to sound on the quarter note. I know, too much information, but some will wonder what’s going on there.  The digital delay probably wasn’t a good idea.  A little too much distortion too but I like distortion.  What can I say?
  • Exercise 4, 23:09 – Even though I love a super distorted guitar, a lot is lost when you’re playing this classic rock style of guitar.  So, this is performed with a cleaner sound.