Screaming Up and Down the Guitar Neck

This is from my Speed and Accuracy for Lead Guitar video which teaches students how to increase picking speed. By using this 30 day program Intermediates can easily double their speed and experienced players can improve by as much as 25%. For today’s lesson please download the free practice materials which include Guitar Pro 6 files, a printable lesson booklet, fretboard diagrams, and the transcript to this video.

You can download the lesson materials here!

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Today’s Lesson

Hi, I’m Doug Marks with Metal Method video guitar lessons and I’m here to teach you a lesson. We’ll be working on Exercise 8 from Speed and Accuracy today. It’s a very cool E minor linear pattern. Most guitarists memorize box patterns up and down the neck but often find it difficult moving from pattern to pattern. The simple sequence taught in Exercise 8 can be used to connect the boxes or simply use it to shred up and down the neck. Take a look at Exercise 8 in the tab that you downloaded.  If you own Guitar Pro open the exercise now to play along at any speed.

Since you’re changing positions every three notes. You must race to the new position or fall behind the beat. It feels as if my hand is hopping from position to position. This is an exaggeration of the movement but should give you an idea of what I’m feeling as I move between positions.

Exercise 8 simply follows the intervals of E natural minor [see Diagram in download material]. The E root notes are the red circles. Pick any root note on the fretboard and its followed by these same intervals: whole-step, half-step, whole-step, whole-step, half-step, whole-step, whole-step to the octave. You can change keys by simply choosing a different root note followed by these intervals.

The diagram shows that you can use Exercise 8 on all six strings to open up the entire fretboard. Exercise 9 in your lesson materials includes a Guitar Pro 6 file that explains how to play this same pattern on all six strings in E natural minor. Play along with the tab to gain a better understanding of the fretboard.

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and see that Metal Method guitar lessons along with Guitar Pro tab is an awesome combination. See you on my next video.

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