Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar

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Music theory is a powerful tool for mastering rock guitar, but learning it can seem difficult, boring and frustrating.  This three-volume course is a fun and simple approach to learning scales, modes and intervals and applying them to rock guitar, blues guitar and metal guitar.


Students often say “I recognized the sound of that interval/scale right away but I never knew what it was!”  By associating the names and labels with the patterns and sounds you will make rapid progress with your ability to learn, play and write music for rock guitar.

Volume I — Intervals: Learn all the intervals in an octave while building understanding of fretboard. Play riffs and licks based on these intervals; practice and jam with backing tracks of drums and bass.

Volume II — Scale Degrees: Learn every degree of the chromatic scale, thereby enabling you to create any scale or mode from a given formula. Develop your listening skills so that you can enjoy and understand music on a higher level.

Volume III — Scales and Modes: Construct and understand how to apply scales ranging from simple to exotic. Learn the modes in a simple and useful way not commonly taught. Play and learn to write solos from simple blues to ear-twisting metal.

Do any of these fit you?

  • I have learned a lot of licks, riffs, and songs, but feel stuck with my progress.
  • I don’t understand how what I’m playing works or why.
  • I have trouble making up my own licks and riffs.
  • I want to spice up my tired pentatonic licks. Everything I play sounds like the blues.
  • I get stuck playing in box patterns and can’t move up and down the neck vertically.
  • I have trouble learning songs by ear.
  • My teachers only show me how to play songs. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.
  • I feel that I have gaps in my knowledge of music and guitar.

Consider this:

Almost every student learns chords and at least one scale before knowing anything about their construction. This may be the quickest way to get started with playing guitar, but by skipping the REAL basics (scale degrees and intervals), the student is being set up for future frustration.

If you memorize a speech in Japanese, can you speak Japanese? No- you need to learn some basic vocabulary and grammar. If you learn to play songs but don’t know any musical grammar or vocabulary, how will you speak music?

Do you know…?

The difference between a natural six and a flat six?
Between a major and minor seventh?
The interval between 5 and b7?
How to blend b3 and natural three in a melodic line?
How to add scary notes to a riff?
How to move a set of notes through every octave?
How to identify and analyze the notes favored by the artists and styles that you want to study?

This is a perfect compliment to all the other lessons that you already own or have yet to obtain and is suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. DO NOT skip volumes!

This program includes clear video instruction on three DVDs or in three downloads, printable tab, backing tracks, and other lesson materials, including optional Guitar Pro 6 tab which allows you to play along with lesson exercises at any speed. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.

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3 reviews for Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tony Reynolds

    What you get: All three courses: Intervals, Scale Degrees, Scales and Modes. See my individual reviews for detailed reviews of each course.

    Why you should get it: This package is designed to get the three lessons to you at once, because they really go well together. By the time I got through with the three-course package, I was really comfortable with music terms and the sounds of all three concepts. I could play the intervals as Sarah announced them, instead of staring at the screen and hoping I would one day understand these words or have enough ear training that I could possibly name the interval being played. Same went for scale degrees. When I started, I had an idea of the “4th of E” but little did I know it’s the “IV of E Major” and now when I hear E, I count the scale degrees and I hear the tension. Did I mention tension? I had a tough time working out what tension means when I started. The included Consonance and Dissonance video in Scale Degrees gives you a way to listen to tension and hear it “up close and personal.” Relax and listen, and tension becomes yours. The last course on Scales and Modes helps you see the relationships between these ideas and gives you a tour of all the modes and many different scales. As Sarah says, “Our goal is to train our ears and hands to make the sounds that we want to hear. You’ll make your best music when you’re doing more feeling, and less thinking.” Did I mention I learned all the note names on every string by the time I finished?

    Every course comes with the video, the guitar tab in PDF format, the Guitar Pro files (and Metal Method students get a Guitar Pro discount!), MP3s of the backing tracks, and tab of some songs. I mentioned the Consonance and Dissonance video, and there is also a Library of Melodic Bends. The Library has 25 licks that explore the scale degrees and give you a great way to add to your lick library (see Classic Licks, too!)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shawn Cox

    I went through Melodic Rock one with relatively no issues. It was fairly basic, but still had some serious lightbulbs going off. Disk 2 was absolutely mind-blowing. My fret-board makes so much more sense now! I’ll definitely be reviewing this disc a few times. It took me the better part of the weekend to go through disks one and two, and I’m impressed with how much my speed and accuracy have improved in such little time.

    Disk 3 is a GOLD MINE! I now know that everything I was doing before this was a waste of effort and time. I wish I had picked this up YEARS AGO.

    Thank you, Sarah! The guitar was very frustrating to learn… until now. You really unlocked the mystery surrounding this instrument!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love your lessons. I’ve played guitar for many years and found myself in a rut. Your lessons have helped not only open the creativity again, but I learned a lot too. Thanks Sarah!!

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