Death Metal – Week 3

Death Metal Week 3


Will Flaherty teaches you death metal riffs in a lesson that you can master this week.

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Metal Rhythm Extreme 3

This is Week Three of “Metal Rhythm Extreme 3”.  Each of these lessons is designed to be completed in a single week.

In this lesson you’ll put your cross string alternate picking to the test with the riffs from Cannibal Corpse! Even if you can’t play them up to speed, playing them at a slower tempo will improve your alternate picking skills. How’s your timing? Can you change speed on a dime and then back again? Let’s find out!

Stretch those hands out tackling the riffs in this lesson from Lamb of God! Use pull-offs, bending and pinch harmonics to make your notes squeal.

Finally, once you’ve mastered these riffs, play along with the professionally recorded backing tracks!



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