Metal Riffology and Melodic Principles

This package includes “Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar” and “Metal Guitar Riffs” (aka “Metal Riffology”) by Sarah Spisak.  Rock, metal and blues guitar combine attitude and knowledge of the fretboard to create high-impact riffing and memorable melodic soloing.  This magic combination will be yours when you learn about how music works!  These lessons cover the scale shapes, chords and rhythmic elements that will allow you to express yourself on the instrument while having fun and entertaining your listeners.  The six DVDs or high-def video downloads are packed with examples that have been carefully written and presented to maximize your learning experience and help you to make fast progress toward your goal of unleashing your inner guitarist!

Melodic Principles (more info and video here) includes the following three volumes:
Volume I — Intervals: Learn all the intervals in an octave while building understanding of fretboard. Play riffs and licks based on these intervals; practice and jam with backing tracks of drums and bass.

Volume II — Scale Degrees: Learn every degree of the chromatic scale, thereby enabling you to create any scale or mode from a given formula. Develop your listening skills so that you can enjoy and understand music on a higher level.

Volume III — Scales and Modes: Construct and understand how to apply scales ranging from simple to exotic. Learn the modes in a simple and useful way not commonly taught. Play and learn to write solos from simple blues to ear-twisting metal.

Metal Riffology (more info and video here) includes the following three volumes:

Volume I — Heavy metal rhythms, blues scale riffs, pedal tones, Dorian riffs, form and structure

Volume II — Natural minor riffs, harmonic minor riffs, hybrid scale, dyads (two-note patterns), three string, shapes and triads, modal mixture

Volume III — Phrygian mode, Phrygian dominant, Hungarian minor, Diminished scale, chromatic riffs, syncopation, and rhythmic displacement, harmonized riffs, writing your own riffs
These programs include printable tab, diagrams, backing tracks, and other lesson materials, including optional Guitar Pro 6 tab which allows you to play along with lesson exercises at any speed. Guitar Pro software is sold separately.

Package Includes: Melodic Principles – 3 Volumes | Metal Riffology – 3 Volumes

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