Michael Angelo Batio Box Set - The Complete Collection

Formerly the "MAB Platinum Package", this is our complete package of lessons by shredmaster Michael Angelo Batio! Read More

Speed Kills Package

There is no other program on the planet that is even close to this system for mastering shred guitar techniques. You'll learn alternate, economy and hybrid picking, sweeping, tapping, legato technique, arpeggios, vibrato and more! Includes Speed Kills 1, 2, and 3. Read More

Speed Kills 1

Included in The Speed Kills Package: Speed Kills 1 is described by Guitar World Magazine as "amazing!" If you're only planning to buy a single program by Michael Angelo Batio, this should be the one. It's a revision of the original 1991 Speed Kills - the program that taught the world to shred. Read More

No Boundaries

This is Michael Angelo Batio’s latest instructional program. It shows how to play the complete No Boundaries song (Speed Kills) and includes outstanding lesson materials: an instructional booklet, GuitarPro tab, on-screen tab, and a killer backing track. Read More

Speed Kills 1991

Speed Kills 1991 is the original “shredder’s bible” created over two decades ago and is still a standard reference for neoclassical guitarists. Although Michael recently revised this program it’s difficult to top the original because there’s still plenty of relevant information taught here. Read More

Speed Lives Package

Learn three complete "showcase" MAB songs note-for-note: "No Boundaries", "Hands Without Shadows" and "The Finish Line". Read More

Speed Lives and Kills

This massive package from Michael Angelo Batio is packed with exercises and advice covering the principles of shred technique. You will also learn three complete songs- “Hands Without Shadows”, “No Boundaries” and “The Finish Line”. Read More

24 Jazz Progressions

This program teaches 24 classic jazz progressions and explores the origin of Michael’s foundational musical influence. Read More

Star Licks Master Series

You may have thought that Speed Kills was the first shred instructional video. Michael Angelo actually recorded this Star Licks Master Series Michael Angelo five years before Speed Kills. This includes many of the exercises that Michael later made famous on Metal Method instructional videos. It also includes a few that you’ve never heard before. Read More

Instructor Michael Angelo Batio

Metal Method has produced Michael Angelo Batio’s guitar lessons since 1991. His first lesson was Speed Kills.  He currently has three Speed Kills programs (all revised) as well as the original 1991 version. He also has 3 Speed Lives programs which teach his songs.

Michael currently tours the world representing Sawtooth Guitars and Metal Method instructional guitar lessons. He was voted as “The Fastest Guitarist of all time” by the readers of Guitar World magazine. For Michael, it’s not all about speed.  His compositions are dramatic showcases for his neoclassical guitar style. There are few, great guitarists that are actually able to teach their technique. Michael is one of those few.  His Speed Kills series have taught shred guitar technique since 1991.  In 2014 this series was completely revised to benefit today’s players.

Michael Angelo Batio is from Chicago, Illinois. He started playing the piano at age 5 and guitar at the age of 10. His formal education includes a B.A. in Music Theory and Composition from Northeastern Illinois University. Batio has been signed to 2 major labels: Atlantic Records with the band “Holland” and Rhino/Warner Brothers Records with “Nitro.” Michael’s recording label M.A.C.E. Music has released his 6 solo albums on audio CDs. To learn more about Michael check out his website: Michael Angelo Batio.