“Epic” is the first exercise from Monster Power Chords Volume II by Dee J Nelson.  We include a package of learning materials with Guitar Pro tab and a printable lesson PDF. It’s all free!

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Transcript of Video (May be used for language translation)

Lets take a slow look at exercise number one we’re gonna start out with our new octave chord, strong punch and we build. We are then going to play the main riff of the entire exercise which is this (example)

When the drums enter we transition into that section with a transition riff. We will talk more about transition riffs as we go through the program (Monster Power Chords Vol. 2) but we play the transition into the new section which is this (Example)

We then going to the main hook riff again which is going to descend down over several different chords, starts out like this (Example).

Then on the second time we are going to play an inverted power chord on the last note to kind a get some variation to send us down to the next chord (Demonstration)

We continue to B flat on the sixth fret, now this chord we’re gonna play is going to add in the extension that we learned in volume one stretching our pinky out for the add six. We then continue to do the same thing on A flat. We finish the A Flat with our tritone chord to the third fret for G.

We then do the same thing but we move up to that six fret and finish with a C minor arpeggio.

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