Before getting started you need to download the lesson material package that includes a Guitar Pro file and printable tab. In this video, I’m going to teach you a Neo-Classical arpeggio pattern that uses finger tapping on the first string. This progression was a favorite of Baroque era Classical composers like Vivaldi and, subsequently, is prominently featured in Neo-Classical Metal.

With each chord change, the progression ascends a fourth in the key (in this case, the key of B minor). The pattern’s descent is achieved by dropping down an octave after every two chords. The final two measures remain on the same root and merely transition from a suspended chord to a Major chord. This transition was also popular in Baroque era Classical music.

And… if you have absolutely no interest in music history or theory, you’re going to enjoy this anyway.

-Dan Mumm, Metal Method Instructor

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Dan Mumm’s Sweep Pick Mechanics

This wealth of arpeggio shapes is an invaluable tool for understanding the relationship of notes across the fret board. Adding these patterns to your playing style will greatly increase your ability to write and improvise creative melodies and melodic solos.

To reach that next level of playing expertise it’s necessary to understand arpeggio shapes across the neckl. This is true regardless of your preferred playing style.

This program explains 3, 4, 5 and 6 string sweep patterns and include hybrid patterns, non-arpeggio patterns, tapping patterns, and sweep “songs.” With over 60 exercises and patterns you will have material to study for years to come.  Guitar Pro animated tab and a printable booklet are included with this program

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