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Sarah Spisak

Sarah Spisak


Doug Marks Guitarist Doug Marks began his professional career playing in cover bands in the Southeastern part of the United States. In 1982 Doug created Metal […]

Inverted Fifths

Inverted Fifths for Rock and Metal Guitar The interval of an inverted fifth has the same notes as a perfect fourth.  For example, the notes D […]

Heavy Minor Second Riffs

This lesson features two simple but heavy riffs based on the interval of a minor second. Because these riffs are so simple you can focus on […]

Melodic Modal Solo in E Minor with Tab

You can make a powerful musical statement by following the modes implied by a chord progression.  This example uses a common set of chords in E […]

25 Jazz Progressions

In this program you’ll learn 25 jazz progressions from Michal Angelo Batio.  This video features on-screen animated tab and a printable PDF file.

Metal Riffology – Legacy Version

“Metal Riffology” by Sarah Spisak began as a CD-ROM in 2000 and was massively popular on eBay.  It taught 97 killer metal riffs and examined the elements that made them so awesome.  After Sarah had been working at Metal Method for a while she released her first DVD package based on the original CD-ROM.