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Guitar Mastery Program

The Guitar Mastery Package features 16 programs from six Metal Method instructors.  These lessons have been carefully selected to give you a well-rounded course of study in the art and science of guitar mastery.

Crushing Power Chords

Free Lesson Crushing Power Chords Download The Free Guitar Lesson Materials Right Now! Your Name:* First Last Email Address:* This iframe contains the logic required to […]

Easy Guitar Modes

Click Here for Package and Savings! "Easy Guitar Modes" is a fun, fresh and carefully structured approach to learning the modes. Metal Method instructor Sarah Spisak […]

Free Lesson – Crushing Power Chords

Play extra-heavy power chords in standard tuning!

Weekly Lessons – $7.95 Each or 4 for $19.95 ($5 Each)

Design your own custom program - Less than $5 per lesson Choose four weekly lessons priced at $7.95 each and pay only $19.95!  You can combine […]

The Evolution of Metal Riffology

With the newest release in the Metal Riffology series we take a look back at the history, origin and evolution of this iconic series of guitar […]

Inverted Fifths

  Inverted Fifths for Rock and Metal Guitar The interval of an inverted fifth has the same notes as a perfect fourth.  For example, the notes […]

Metal Riffology

Learn to play and write great metal guitar riffs!  Lessons cover theory and technique and are packed with crunchy, melodic and catchy riffs.  This is the fine art of metal rhythm guitar!