Pedal Point Exercise by Michael Angelo Batio

This lesson is from Speed Kills 1 by Michael Angelo Batio. It teaches a melodic sequence from MAB’s album Planet Gemini. This was originally played on acoustic guitar but sounds great on electric.

This exercise demonstrates the pedal point technique for guitar. The term “pedal point” originated from the sound of an organ pedal repeating a single note. This technique is quite common in classical music, especially classical music featuring an organ. When performing the “pedal point” technique on guitar you simply repeat a single note while alternately playing a melody against the mono tone.

Watch Michael’s fingering closely. It’s a bit of a stretch to reach these notes. So, proper fingering is important. Notice a slight change in fingering at the end of the phrase.

To download lesson materials that include Guitar Pro 6 files and printable tab Click Here

Michael Angelo Batio Pedal Point Exercise

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