The following was written by guitar instructor Doug Marks

The first thing that I would like to make clear about these personal Skype guitar lesson is – I am not the big bad wolf.  You will be a little nervous the first lesson and so will I.  Don’t worry, we’ll both get over it.  Within a few weeks we’ll be friends and you’ll be surprised how comfortable that you’ll feel. That is, if you’ve been practicing your lesson and following my instructions.

You can purchase individual lessons for $20 apiece or a series of six for $90. That works out to just $15 a lesson. There are two things to consider about the $90 package.  First, the package expires in seven weeks, these are weekly lessons.  The second consideration, you’re going to make rapid improvement with weekly lessons.  On the other hand, If you only take a single lesson every few weeks you will improve… at a snail’s pace.  Lessons work just like practicing guitar, you must establish a routine and that routine includes finding fifteen minutes in your schedule each week for a lesson.  If you can’t make a six week commitment to practicing and studying guitar you’re not ready for these lessons.

The reason the package expires in seven weeks is, you’re allowed to take off one week out of seven.  Also, after you’ve completed your six weeks of lessons you may want to take some time off then, no problem.  Just be sure when you sign up for the next series of six weekly lessons you’re committed to completing the series in seven weeks.

There is no excuse for not finding the time for a 15 minute lesson each week. I teach on Wednesday afternoon and evening.  If this is inconvenient I also teach on Saturday morning.  If you miss your lesson on Wednesday you may reschedule for Saturday of the same week.  If that doesn’t work I’ll give you instructions for recording a short video of your lesson.  I’ll view your video and give you a video response.   I’m also able to schedule you other times during the week if necessary.

There will come a time when weekly lessons aren’t necessary because you will have reached your goal.  At that point it’s fine to stop in for a tune up occasionally.

These guitar lessons are short and focused, covering everything that is needed for you to move toward your goals as quickly as possible. I will give you the guidance, encouragement, and motivation necessary to reach your goals.  We will be studying my Complete Basic Course so if you haven’t purchased a copy, please do so.

These private lessons are available to anyone around the world that has a fast Internet connection. To get started all you need is the Internet, a webcam, and sign up for a free account.

Step-By-Step Getting Started

1. Check your Internet download and upload speed at Click on “Begin Test” when it appears. You should have at least 1 MPS download speed and 1 MPS upload speed. If you’re not “up to speed” please call your Internet service provider. You may need to spend a few extra bucks but the quality of the audio and video will be worth the expense.

2. A high quality webcam will create a much more enjoyable experience for both of us. Purchase a Logitech C920 here. You deserve the best. The other Logitech cameras on this page would also be excellent choices. This is optional, any webcam will do.  Pay attention to the room lighting.  Lights from the ceiling or light bounced off of the ceiling will make you look less scary.  It works for me.  Trust me, if I can look less scary so can you.

3. Sign up for Skype and check out the brief tutorial there.

4. For your personal Skype icon PLEASE USE A CLEAR PICTURE OF YOUR FACE. It’s difficult for me to remember who I’m getting ready to talk to. The photo definitely helps.

5. Plug in your webcam and send a contact request to douglass.marks after you sign in to Skype. That way I’ll be able to initiate the Skype session at the beginning of your appointment.

6. The following instructions are for PC users. Mac instructions are slightly different. Mac users may need to adjust the camera and sound using system settings. PC users go to the Tools tab at the top. Select “Options” and check out both Audio settings and Video settings. These settings will show you how you’ll appear and sound on Skype. At the bottom of the Audio settings window you can make a free test call to check audio.

To book a lesson right now. Click here.

Doug Marks,
Your Personal Motivator!