100 Metal Riffs -80’s Style

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Would you love to learn your favorite metal riffs of the 80’s?  Want to have a full arsenal of crunchy, melodic and memorable riffs at your command?  How about killer, razor sharp rhythm chops and a huge vocabulary of hooks?  We are offering this package at a crazy-low price because we want you to get completely hooked on our lessons.

Learn 100 great metal riffs by Ratt, Dokken, Motley Crue, Helix, Accept, Shotgun Messiah, Winger, Scorpions, Trixter, Yngwie Malmsteen, Europe, Great White, Kiss, Dio, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, Autograph, Kingdom Come, Quiet Riot, Metal Church, WASP, AC DC, Lillian Axe, Ozzy Osbourne, Firehouse, Keel, Skid Row, Krokus, Extreme, Danger Danger, TNT, Bonfire, Kix, Helloween, UDO, and Tesla.

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A full arsenal of crunchy, melodic and memorable riffs!

This collection of 100 great riffs makes a perfect companion to “Metal Riffology: The Art of the Metal Riff” or can be used on its own as a massive library of powerful examples of great rhythm guitar.

Each example is played at tempo, slowly, and at 60 bpm with on-screen animated tab.  A PDF of the tab and optional Guitar Pro files are included.  The riffs are in standard tuning, with the exception of three in Drop-D.  Approximate run-time is two hours.  Choose downloads or a set of two DVDs.

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We’re still going strong with a full catalog of new lessons!  This crazy deal on “100 Metal Riffs” is our invitation to you to pick up your guitar and play the music you love.  Don’t miss it!

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Order with confidence- Metal Method has been a trusted resource for guitarists since 1982.  Sarah is one of the original students.  Maybe you are, too???!!!

Learn these killer riffs:

01 Halloween- Helloween
02 Raise the Crown- UDO
03 Rock Me to the Top- Tesla
04 Back for More- Ratt
05 It’s Not Love- Dokken
06 Standing in the Shadows- Dokken
07 Piece of Your Action- Motley Crue
08 Something for Nothing- Motley Crue
09 Sticky Sweet- Motley Crue
10 Heavy Metal Love- Helix
11 Metal Heart- Accept
12 Dr. Stein- Helloween
13 I’m Your Love- Shotgun Messiah
14 Five Years Dead-Motley Crue
15 You Are the Saint, I am the Sinner-Winger
16 As Soon as the Good Times Roll- Scorpions
17 Line of Fire- Trixter
18 Queen is in Love- Yngwie Malmsteen
19 Just the Beginning-Europe
20 Lady Red Light-Great White
21 War Machine- Kiss
22 We Rock- Dio
23 Mirror Mirror- Don Dokken
24 Mista Bone- Great White
25 Play Rough- Trixter
26 Get Ready- Bon Jovi
27 Loosen Up- Winger
28 Living a Lie- Don Dokken
29 Mistreater-Great White
30 Mistreater 2- Great White
31 Love Me- Tesla
32 Crazy World- Scorpions
33 Bop City- Shotgun Messiah
34 China White-Scorpions
35 All in the Name of- Motley Crue
36 Baptized by Fire-Winger
37 Rock in America- Night Ranger
38 Friday- Autograph
39 Do You Like It- Kingdom Come
40 Ready or Not-Europe
41 Run for Cover- Quiet Riot
42 Sails of Charon-Scorpions
43 Sleepless Night-Dokken
44 No Surprise- Ratt
45 Stay- Don Dokken
46 Tease Me Please Me-Scorpions
47 Why Does Love Have to Change- Night Ranger
48 Wrong from Right- Accept
49 Nowhere Fast- Shotgun Messiah
50 Bad Girl- Trixter
51 Bad Girl 2- Trixter
52 All Over Now- Great White
53 Pound of Cure- Metal Church
54 Rattlesnake Shake- Motley Crue
55 Superstitious-Europe
56 Tower Callin’- Europe
57 Turn Me On- Accept
58 In My Dreams- Dokken
59 Animal- WASP
60 Beating Around the Bush- AC DC
61 Body Double- Lillian Axe
62 You Can’t Kill R&R- Ozzy Osbourne
63 Don’t Walk Away- Firehouse
64 Dream Warriors- Dokken
65 Life in the Real World-Firehouse
66 I Said the Wrong Thing to the Right Girl- Keel
67 Get in Touch- Firehouse
68 My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend Isn’t Me- Autograph
69 Surrender – Winger
70 Have a Drink On Me- AC DC
71 Hell’s Bells- AC DC
72 Here I Am- Skid Row
73 True Believer- Lillian Axe
74 Hold Your Fire- Firehouse
75 Homebound Train- Bon Jovi
76 Hot Stuff- Krokus
77 Hunter- Dokken
78 If Love is a Crime- Keel
79 Innocence- Lillian Axe
80 I Want a Woman – Ratt
81 Kid Ego- Extreme
82 King of the Rock- Keel
83 Kiss for the Dead- Metal Church
84 Shake and Tumble- Firehouse
85 Little Dolls- Ozzy Osbourne
86 Monkey Business- Skid Row
87 Naughty Naughty- Danger Danger
88 You’re Too Bad- Firehouse
89 Out of Control- Krokus
90 Piece of Me- Skid Row
91 Poison Angel- Winger
92 You Think You’re Tough- Ratt
93 SATO- Ozzy Osbourne
94 Shake a Leg- AC DC
95 Ready to Leave- TNT
96 Rock Me Now – Bonfire
97 Bang Bang- Kix
Drop D-
98 XTC- Accept
99 Hanging On- Winger
100 Lay Your Hands on Me- Bon Jovi

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