25 Jazz Progressions


Please note- this is a legacy product!  For the Jazz Progression course with video of Michael, please click here!   In this program you’ll learn 25 jazz progressions from Michal Angelo Batio.  This video features on-screen animated tab and a printable PDF file.

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Jazz-200The jazz influence on Michael’s playing style will come as a complete surprise to many of his fans. You might think of this program as “Michael, after midnight” in some smoke filled dark jazz club. You may have wondered where his understanding of complex rhythm guitar structure originated.  Now you’ll know!

To learn how to play Michael’s guitar style, you can’t just copy his music. You must also understand and learn the music that he studied on his journey to guitar mastery.

This DVD teaches 25 classic jazz progressions. The multi-media presentation features on-screen tab and on disk Scorch files. This allows you to see the animated tab and play along at any tempo. Trust me, you’ll need to start on the slow speed. It also includes the 25 Jazz Progressions booklet in PDF format so you can easily print the tab from your computer.

We strongly recommend that you print the booklet before attempting the progressions. You will find this booklet invaluable as you can see the chord charts and familiarize yourself with the advanced, sonic textures and concepts of Jazz.

Michael does not appear in this DVD so you don’t actually see him play the progressions but the guitar master performed all of the audio tracks.

These progressions are great exercises for several reasons. First, they are extremely hard to master and will give your fretboard hand a great workout. Secondly, the Jazz Progressions will impact your own musical expression.

M.A.C.E. Music and Metal Method Productions produced the 25 Jazz Progressions program. Sarah Spisak notated the tab, assisted in the editing, and was in charge of overseeing the entire project. Doug Marks directed and assisted in the editing.

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