A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar


More than just learning an amazing song
Dan Mumm teaches his masterpiece “A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar” and how to apply many of the techniques he’s explained in previous programs.

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You can get some idea of the massive amount of information that Dan shares with you in this lesson by checking out the DVDs program guide. This guide lists the exact location for each technique and exercise and explains what is taught throughout the lesson. There are also chapter points at each of these locations for navigation.

dan_mumm_05Learn Dan Mumm’s original song “A Glimpse Beyond” part by part, note by note, shred by shred.  With over 50 exercises covering a wide variety of techniques including, shred patterns, sweep arpeggios, two handed tapping, arpeggio sequences, and an assortment of Neo-Classical style patterns.  In this program Dan continues to break down the techniques behind modal shred patterns. This program explains the basic building necessary to construct your own shred patterns to fit your own style and playing needs.

In this program Dan also demonstrates how to apply sequence patterns to arpeggios in a chord progression.  Used correctly, this information will allow you to create an infinite variety of arpeggio based leads and riffs from a single chord progression.  Dan also takes the time to demonstrate his techniques to perfect the pitch of bending. A seemingly elementary fundamental that is often overlooked or rushed through with poor results. The goal here is to give you the edge that professional guitarists have with even basic techniques.

Not only does Dan demonstrate each part broken down into smaller parts for easier learning and memorization, he also includes small sections of the backing track to go along with each complete part of the song.  And once you have completed the program, you will enjoy playing along with the backing track included in the video. Subtitles explain which exercise goes with which part. There’s also an mp3 backing track included to load into your mp3 player.

A Glimpse Shred Guitar Includes:

  • The entire “A Glimpse Beyond” compostion
  • Bend / Bend with vibrato
  • Backing Tracks
  • Shred Patterns
  • Anchoring Demonstration
  • Arpeggios
  • 3 Note Sequences
  • Doubled Arpeggios
  • Tapping
  • Sweeps
  • Harmonic Minor Shred
  • Locrian Minor Shred
  • Ascending Modal Shred
  • Backing Track with Titles to show how to piece it together
  • Guitar-Pro files to play along at any speed
  • Program Guide
  • Tab Booklet for printing in PDF format

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