Basic Course 1983


This is the audio course that started it all. The package includes all eight of the original lesson and also has plenty of early eighties memorabilia. There are three audio CDs to play in your car or home player and one data CD for your computer. Insert the data CD in a computer CD drive to print copies of the original eight booklets, our first three ads, The Metal Message newsletter, and a program guide.

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The original course was created in 1982 and revised the following year. This is the audio course that got many of today’s rock stars started. Originally recorded on audio cassette, now available on audio CD. It was created when bands like Van Halen, Ozzy, and Motley Crue ruled the earth. The excitement of that time is here for those of you that want to look back and remember. It includes The Metal Message Newsletter, original 8 booklets on PDF for printing, early Metal Method ads, and more.

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