Basic Course 1983

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This is the audio course that started it all. The package includes all eight of the original lesson and also has plenty of early eighties memorabilia. There are three audio CDs to play in your car or home player and one data CD for your computer. Insert the data CD in a computer CD drive to print copies of the original eight booklets, our first three ads, The Metal Message newsletter, and a program guide.

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The original course was created in 1982 and revised the following year. This is the audio course that got many of today’s rock stars started. Originally recorded on audio cassette, now available on audio CD. It was created when bands like Van Halen, Ozzy, and Motley Crue ruled the earth. The excitement of that time is here for those of you that want to look back and remember. It includes The Metal Message Newsletter, original 8 booklets on PDF for printing, early Metal Method ads, and more.

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2 reviews for Basic Course 1983

  1. Rick Rice

    I bought the original white cassette tape versions of Metal Tricks, Metal Licks and Metal Theory when when they were first released in 1982. I liked them so much that I followed up with Metal Gear, Metal Primer, Metal Progressions and also the Van Halen and Randy Rhoades Lessons. These were by far the best guitar lessons that I have ever purchased and they allowed my to progress much faster than I had been previously. I also signed up for the Metal Message newsletter (and even made the shirt). When I saw that Doug made the complete 1983 version of these courses available on CD, with a DVD for the accompanying written materials, adds and newsletters, I jumped at it. These are still my favorite guitar lessons of all time. The booklets are informative, yet concise and allow me to reference specific sections quickly without having to fire up a computer or DVD player and queue up the section I want to reference. I later bought the 1992 and 2012 version of the Licks Lesson, but this is still my favorite version. There are 30 more licks here that are not included in subsequent versions of the course. Additionally, more positions on the neck are covered, as well as both major and minor licks. I consider each version of the licks lesson to be complimentary to each other. Each is great on its own, but together they are synergistic! For example, comparing the various versions of the licks lesson teaches you how to use the same lick in multiple positions on the fretboard, convert licks from minor to major, as well as learn how take the same lick and tweak it for different styles; e.g., in the 1983 Licks Lesson, Doug demonstrates how to modify notes and timing to make the same basic lick sound alternately like Van Halen, Randy Rhoades, or Robin Trower. He also demonstrates more tricks in this version of the course than in subsequent versions. Highly recommended!

  2. Karl Bork

    I bought the original licks tape in 83′. I was desperately trying to figure out how play guitar. It was a handful back then. The licks are all over the neck and they are challenging. I decided to re-purchase this entire original package because I remember how good it was. It’s a great value, and now I have to VH And Rhoads licks!! I’m nearing 50 now and this material is much easier for me to play and so much fun. The bottom line; if you want to play hard rock guitar like it was meant to be played, this is a great starting place.

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