Bass Guitar for Six-String Players


Bass guitar fundamentals are quite different from six-string fundamentals.  This program explains this by teaching the correct approach to “holding down the bottom.”


Guitarists tend to view bass as being similar to lead guitar due to the absence of chords.  This is an approach that leads to busy bass parts that compete with the six-string guitar instead of offering support.

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Bass Guitar for Six-String Players – Doug Marks

Bass guitar is the foundation of a band’s sound.  That sound will falter without an understanding of correct playing technique and the use of melodic scales.

  • If you’re a guitarist that plays bass on your recordings, this program is for you.
  • The bass has a wide dynamic range causing low notes to disappear while higher pitched notes sound too loud.  We’ll fix that.
  • How to use a compressor to make the bass sound huge explained with a graphic demonstration.
  • If you jam with friends and can’t find a bass player, why not take turns playing bass with other band members?
  • Having a problem finding competent musicians for your group?  Become a bass player for a few months and meet other local musicians.  You could be in three bands by this time next week, lol.  Bass players are in demand.  Plus, the connections that you’ll make will last a lifetime.
  • If recorded bass parts tend to sound out of tune, you’ll learn the fix.
  • Your group already has a bass player, but you’ve noticed a problem:  the bass player doesn’t have a clue about fundamentals.  Pass this course along to your friend.
  • This course includes a series of exercises with drum tracks to explain how to form a solid rhythm section.  Additional exercises cover basic scales and how to apply them.

Don’t have a bass guitar?  No problem, now you’ve found an excuse to buy one.  Enjoy!

Lesson materials include printable tab, Guitar Pro animated tab, and drum tracks.  Available media: digital download or DVD.  Get started right now!

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