The CAGED system


The CAGED system will give you a clear understanding of scales, licks and arpeggios over the entire fretboard.  It’s a 55 minute course that will lead to fretboard mastery.  This is what you’ve been missing to make it “look easy.”  Available by instant download or DVD.

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Master the Fretboard – Organize Scales, Licks, Arpeggios, Note Names, and Patterns

This lesson begins by explaining the CAGED system and how to use it to improvise lead guitar.  But it goes way beyond the basics.  The CAGED system is explained as a tool for instantly locating the correct scale, arpeggio or mode everywhere on the fretboard.  For example, you are playing in the key of G Major at the 10th fret.  Instantly identify the correct scales, arpeggios, and licks to improvise lead guitar.  No more staring at the fretboard wondering what notes to play!

What you’ll learn in this program

  • Make your leads sound interesting by adapting the scale to follow chord changes.
  • Learn to move effortlessly from the Pentatonic 5 note patterns to Diatonic 7 note patterns in all five scale patterns.
  • Not sure which chords to use while playing by ear?  This can be learned in minutes.
  • Unfamiliar with CAGED?  We’ve got a simple, coherent explanation.
  • Don’t understand the value of the CAGED system?  It allows you to identify scales, licks, and arpeggios in each of the five scale patterns.
  • If some areas of the fretboard are easier to navigate than others, The CAGED system is the solution.
  • Don’t understand how to apply modal theory.  It’s covered here.
  • Need more variety in leads.  That’s what this is all about.
  • This will help you to create leads on the fly.

The course includes 4 videos, printable tab, Guitar Pro animated tab, fretboard diagrams, and backing track.  Instant access download or DVD for only $24.95. It is recommended to purchase GuitarPro to play along with animated tab at any tempo.

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