Dan Mumm’s Masterclass

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A special offer for those students that have recently purchased Sweep Pick Mechanics.  These four courses compliment Sweep Pick Mechanics and complete the Masterclass50% off for a limited time.

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Dan explains both fundamental and advanced playing techniques in this course.  This is the link that connects intermediate to advanced playing skills.

  • Sweep Pick Fundamentals – An entry level program for sweep picking. It is the prequel to Sweep Pick Mechanics. Dan breaks sweep picking down to the basics in 35 simple to follow exercises. – $19.95
  • Fret Touch Mechanics – Begins with simple two-hand tapping and continues through 8 finger tapping and other master class shred techniques. Dan explains how to use scales and modes to create your own impressive taps. – $19.95
  • Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar – The name says it all. Classical masterpieces adapted to electric guitar.  Fun to play and impressive to perform. This is a must for all neoclassical shredders. – $19.95
  • A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar – Dan explains his instrumental masterpiece “A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar” in a note-for-note description. This includes how to apply shred techniques to your own original music. – $ 19.95

This complete course is available on either DVD or by Digital Download.  Includes printable guitar tab along with Guitar Pro animated tab to play along at any tempo.

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