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Choose from one to five sessions below. Price as low as $40 per session.

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Supercharge your learning experience – A few words from Doug Marks…

The fastest way to improvement is through personal coaching.  Take advantage of my (Doug Marks) vast experience of guitar instruction to make that breakthrough that you’ve been looking for.

As I was creating the 2017 revision of my course, I had an important feature in mind; the program would provide instructor reviews of student progress. This assessment is necessary to test your understanding of the material and to evaluate your playing ability.

If you’re studying the lessons without instructor review, you’re only getting half of the benefits.

You can choose one to four sessions in the dropdown menu.  These sessions don’t expire.  Use them as often or as seldom as you like.  I’m here for you.  Once you’ve purchased your lessons I’ll contact you about scheduling.  There’s one of me and thousands of students.  It’s important to take advantage of this as soon as possible.  If this is as popular as I hope, this offer may not continue.

Initially you may be nervous playing during the sessions.  That’s okay, all evaluation will be made from videos you record at your convenience (explained below).

The Details

From firsthand experience I’ve found that students seldom evaluate progress accurately.  For example, many students begin Stage 3 and get stuck because they haven’t taken the time to really master previous lessons.  When this happens, no amount of practice will result in significant improvement.  Sound familiar?

Even Stage 4 isn’t difficult if you’ve developed the muscle memory and precision to properly execute bends, vibrato, alternate picking, hammer-pulls and other fundamental techniques.

Without an assessment of student skills at each Stage the course may become increasingly difficult if you begin moving beyond your skill level.

Instructor Evaluation – Webcam to Webcam

Initially, I’ll personally evaluate your skills and give you a pass or you’re not quite there yet evaluation.  You’re not quite there yet sounds better and is more accurate than fail.  Whatever your shortcomings are they can be overcome as we work together.  Once the course is completed you will receive a certificate of completion signed by me.

Another option is to take lessons on a weekly or monthly basis to give you attainable goals to move forward quickly.

About the lessons

I’m making myself available to a few students – maybe as few as 20 each week.  So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reserve a lesson.  Students will be accepted in the order that they respond to this message.  There may be a waiting list.  If so, as spots become available, I’ll work you into the lineup.

  • After you reserve a session(s), I’ll contact you to set up the appointment.  Initially, I should be able to create space at your convenience.
  • We will be using Microsoft’s Skype. For technical info click here.  You need a fast Internet connection and high quality webcam.  This technology is very easy – just plug the camera into a USB port, then download and install Skype.
  • If you find this technically challenging, let me know. I’m planning to put together a quick, simple video to show the process.
  • Sessions will be half an hour in length and cost $59.95.  When purchased in quantity, sessions are $40.
  • Once you’ve made a lesson reservation it can only be cancelled by a written notice at least twenty-four hours in advance.
  • It’s your lesson, evaluation, or chat session. Let me know you want to work on and I will accommodate your wishes.  This is all about you and your needs.
  • The course consists of four Stages.  You may choose to be certified as having passed each Stage before moving forward.  If you’re not ready to move on, I’ll tell you exactly what I need to see and hear to get you to the next Stage.
  • Initially you may prefer to record videos of your playing for my review. Much can be accomplished using this method. Post it to YouTube and set the visibility to unlisted and share the link with me.  Don’t post it as private.
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