Easy Guitar Modes – Lesson Seven


A fresh and exciting approach to learning the modes in all positions and keys with minimal time and effort!

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In our previous lesson we learned the phrygian pattern in our system of nine-note blocks. Next we will move that pattern to other octaves and learn a simple solo in A phrygian.  Then we will transpose the phrygian pattern so that it has E as the root note and connect it to our A aeolian and D Dorian patterns.  We’re also going to learn the locrian pattern in our system and connect it to the other patterns.

You might not associate the major scale or ionian mode with metal but with a crunchy tone and 150 beats per minute we get a familiar power-metal sound. We’re going to take several steps to learn how to construct a solo over a “Metal Ionian” progression. First we will study the harmony, then play several exercises using arpeggios and diatonic patterns

Finally we will have a complete piece with a prelude of scalar passages followed by a melodic solo which outlines the chords of the progression.

This lesson package includes:

  • video with on-screen animated tab and animated fretboard diagrams
  • printable tab PDF
  • Guitar Pro file
  • three backing tracks for you to practice the solos in the lesson and try your own ideas

Guitar Pro 6 software sold separately.  Click Here for More Information and a student discount.

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Approx. runtime 32 minutes




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