Fret Touch Mechanics


Dan Mumm teaches more than just 8 finger tapping and other shred techniques. In this video he explains how to use scales and modes to create your own shred patterns and sequences.

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Guitar Lesson — 8 Finger Tapping and more
He even has a very simple method for mastering modes and scales by reducing all of this complex information into three simple 3 note patterns. Master these three patterns using the suggested fingering and you can shred through any lead. This technique is so obvious yet most guitarists have never reduced it to these three simple building blocks.

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The best source for information on this program can be learned from reading comments by current users of Fret Touch Mechanics. Check it out: Student Reviews

This Program will bring an intermediate guitarist into the age of YouTube. To get noticed on the Internet you’ve got to have something unique to offer. These techniques are guaranteed to generate excitement: “Hey, check this out!” This is it.

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