Infinite Tapping Method


With this highly specialized method, you will learn everything you need to know about finger tapping – from the most basic elements, all the way up to the most advanced two-handed and multi-finger tapped patterns and arpeggios.

Dan Mumm has taken his unique approach and perspectives on the guitar and guitar technique and engineered this 3 part course to give you an intuitive understanding of tapping patterns and tapping technique in general.

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Dan Mumm’s revolutionary 3 part finger-tapping course…

  • 121 exercises

  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of video lessons

  • Designed from over 25 years of dedicated specialization

  • Instant Download

  • Streaming of video files available

It’s time for you to become an absolute master of finger tapping on the guitar!   Increase your tapping arsenal exponentially, master all the flashiest and most useful tapping techniques and learn how you can create a truly infinite variety of amazing tapping patterns.

Beyond simply building up your arsenal with the massive amount of amazing tapping patterns that are taught in the course, you will learn how tapping patterns are built, why techniques are used, and how to get perfect articulation and fluidity with your tapping technique.

Since innovation is such a big part of finger tapping on the guitar, this course is also designed to help you recognize what is happening in new techniques as they appear, so that you can easily learn them, improve upon them and innovate your own techniques when you are ready.

There is no way to overstate what this course will do for your tapping technique as well as your knowledge, perspective and ability as a guitarist in general.

Following in the footsteps of Dan Mumm’s acclaimed course The Infinite Shred Method, The Infinite Tapping Method is the culmination of over 25 years of Dan Mumm’s specialized distinctions and connections made through his unique perspective and approach to guitar and music in general.

As with the Infinite Shred Method, Dan’s number one goal in creating this course is to cause you to make the same distinctions and connections in the fastest amount of time possible, to break you out of your guitar habits, jumpstart your inspiration and creativity, and transform you into a total tapping master.

This method was meticulously designed to utterly transform your guitar playing abilities as well as to give you a new way to approach tapping that will simplify what you already know and increase your tapping skill and knowledge of finger tapping exponentially. 

By learning the “elements” of tapping patterns, you will develop an intuitive understanding of how patterns are built and how they work across the fretboard.  This will reduce your need to memorize new patterns, help to eliminate redundancy in what you already know and give you the power to create an endless array of new and unique tapping patterns as you need them.

This course includes a special design to help you gradually increase your strength, dexterity and independence of movement of the fingers on your tapping hand, while you work your way up to the multi-finger tapped patterns.  

Each and every exercise teaches and demonstrates a new concept that will give you a broader understanding of what makes a good tapping pattern as well as to give you more tools to use to create your own epic tapping patterns.  

Every exercise was meticulously designed to be interesting, playable and serve a specific purpose within the overall method.  There is NO FILLER. 

What you will learn:

  • Proper practice method

  • Specialized warm-ups to ensure you are ready to play advanced multi-finger tapping technique by the time it appears in the course

  • Basic tapping technique all the way up to the most advanced two-handed, multi-finger tapped technique

  • Basic tapping patterns all the way up to the most advanced two-handed, multi-finger tapped patterns

  • How simple tapping patterns can be repeated on different strings or in different positions to create complex patterns out of basic pattern “elements”

  • How specific limitations and variations can open up the possibilities for an infinite variety of tapping patterns

  • How tapping patterns work within the pentatonic scale

  • How tapping patterns work within the diatonic scale

  • Harmonic minor tapping patterns

  • How tapping can be used to create rhythmic effects

  • Tapped simple arpeggios

  • Tapped complex arpeggios

  • Tapped diminished 7th arpeggios

  • Tapped scale sequences and tapped string sequences

  • Tapped arpeggio sequences

  • Stutter tapping

  • The tap-slide

  • Pedal tone tapping patterns

  • Open-note tapping patterns

  • Tapped melodic intervals

  • Octave tapping

  • Extended range tapping patterns

  • Multi-position tapping patterns

  • Tapped arpeggio progressions

  • Tapped implied progressions

  • How single string tapped patterns can be expanded to multi-string tapped patterns

  • Up to 6-string tapped patterns

  • Multi-finger tapping technique

  • Monophonic and polyphonic tapping

  • Tapped chords and dyads

  • 8 finger tapping

  • Advanced two-handed, multi-finger tapped arpeggios

  • and far too many related concepts to list here….

What you will get in your download:

  • The Infinite Tapping Method Part 1 Video Lesson (Runtime 1:06:29)*

  • The Infinite Tapping Method Part 2 Video Lesson (Runtime 51:39)

  • The Infinite Tapping Method Part 3 Video Lesson (Runtime 48:02)

  • Part 1 PDF Tab Book (Exercises 1-41)**

  • Part 2 PDF Tab Book (Exercises 42-84)

  • Part 3 PDF Tab Book (Exercises 85-121)

  • Part 1 Guitar Pro Tabs (Exercises 1-41) in zip file***

  • Part 2 Guitar Pro Tabs (Exercises 42-84) in zip file

  • Part 3 Guitar Pro Tabs (Exercises 85-121) in zip file

** PDF tab books can be viewed using any PDF viewer or web browser

*** Guitar Pro tabs (.gpx format) are optional and require Guitar Pro 6 software or later to use.

Difficulty level:

The Infinite Tapping Method was carefully designed to work for guitar players of varying knowledge and skill levels.  While the Infinite Tapping Method brushes over some theory, a knowledge of that theory is NOT required.  This course is designed in such a way that if you work your way through from the beginning to end you will attain the greatest benefits of the course – even if you don’t understand the theory that is discussed in the course at all.  That being said, a guitarist with a decent foundation in theory will get the most out of the course.

While this course is too advanced for beginners on the guitar, intermediate guitarists and pro level guitarists alike will find the Infinite Tapping Method to be transformative in their guitar playing and understanding of the guitar.

Now is YOUR time to become a true tapping master.  Get started on the Infinite Tapping Method today!

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