Intervals for Rock Guitar

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For most of us the layout of the strings and frets presents a confusing puzzle. Reading tab is easy, but really understanding the guitar takes a little time and effort. Volume One of Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar will open a new world for you! This is “music theory made easy”- and packed with great riffs.

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Volume I – Intervals for Rock Guitar: Learn all the intervals in an octave while building understanding of fretboard. Play riffs and licks based on these intervals; practice and jam with backing tracks of drums and bass.  This is included in the Melodic Principles Package.

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1 review for Intervals for Rock Guitar

  1. Tony Reynolds

    When you learn a new language, you learn words like “beer” and “yes” and “who/ what/ why,” well, maybe others, too. When you learn to talk to others about music, you need some words about music, and some of your first words should be about intervals. What’s an interval? Sarah shows you the idea then explores how to find the intervals all over the fretboard. The video explores all the intervals (and shows how they repeat). I watched it a couple of times over a week and eventually played all the tabbed parts. If you play them too, it will sound like metal in your house and you will even know why—so you can make your own and tell others all about it!

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