Lesson Week 37 – Classic Guitar Licks


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This is the beginning of Doug Marks’ Classic Guitar Licks series.  This program covers 75 pentatonic licks in 3 weekly lessons.  These licks are the heart and soul of classic rock and metal lead guitar. Although they sound quite simple they are rhythmically challenging.  And watch out for those bends!  You’ve got to nail them right on pitch or you’ll sound like an amateur. This can be accomplished by plugging into a tuner, look away, bend the note to pitch, look back and see if you hit the note.

Pentatonic licks can sound repetitive. That’s a challenge for your creativity.  Pent (five) – these all only have five notes from the scale.  Add the half steps as described earlier in the course and these can sound incredibly melodic and appropriate for any style of music.

You haven’t mastered these until you can play them at the speed Doug demonstrates in the third playing example.

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