Level 01: Beginning Guitar – Part 1


Level One includes the first five weeks of the forty-eight week guitar course. There’s everything here for the beginner to get started.  It’s also a great review for those that are getting back into playing again.  This includes the first five Pentatonic lead scales, power chords, barre chords, and open chords.  Plus, equipment tips, technique training, and so much more.  The digital download is only $14.95, DVD $19.95.

Exercises can be looped (repeated) and practiced with Guitar Pro animated tab (adjustable tempo). Guitar Pro software is sold separately. We offer a 10% discount on Guitar Pro.

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Week One

  • Course overview
  • How to read tab
  • A minor pentatonic lead scale, first position
  • Guitar Pro app explained (play along with tab and backing tracks at any tempo)
  • How to tune your guitar without a digital tuner
  • How to tune with a digital tuner
  • Holding the pick correctly
  • Power chords on the fifth and sixth strings
  • Your first jam, play along with backing track
  • How to create a hard rock sound with your equipment
  • Distortion pedal / amp master volume
  • Fretting hand technique
  • Power chords on fourth and fifth strings
  • Parts of the guitar

Week Two

  • How to read chord diagrams
  • Jam along track
  • Chord progressions, octaves explained
  • Sharps and flats
  • Note names and the 5th and 6th strings
  • Guitar Licks
  • Picking technique
  • Legato and staccato
  • 2nd pattern of the Pentatonic Scale
  • First two Pentatonic patterns played together
  • Suggested songs for this level

Week 3

  • Three open chords
  • Jam along track
  • Chord diagrams
  • Chord playing technique
  • Complete arrangement of the song “Onward”
  • Third pattern of A minor Pentatonic
  • First three Pentatonic patterns together
  • Your goals and level of commitment

Week 4

  • Note name review
  • How to memorize note names
  • Note values
  • Time signature
  • Eighth note rest
  • Scale sequence explained
  • Four lead licks
  • How to play licks over progression
  • The fourth Pentatonic pattern
  • A review of all four patterns

Week 5

  • Sounding each string of chords
  • Barre chords explained
  • The barre chord trick
  • Speed and accuracy tips
  • Riffs explained
  • Guitar setup
  • Fifth Pentatonic pattern
  • Review of all 5 patterns
  • End of Level 1
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