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Learn to play and write great metal guitar riffs in this three-volume package!  Lessons cover theory and technique and are packed with crunchy, melodic and catchy riffs.  This is the fine art of metal rhythm guitar!  Full details and preview video located here.

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Play and write great metal riffs in a variety of metal styles ranging from pop metal to black metal. Rhythms, scales, and techniques are covered in a course that will inspire your creativity while honing your chops. This is the “meat and potatoes” of crunchy, catchy rhythm guitar!  Full details and preview video located here.

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5 reviews for Metal Riffology

  1. Dennis Renshaw

    This course is really fun because you get to play a lot of cool sounding, heavy riffs. There’s lots of good material in here that makes you understand how and why metal riffs sound so good. The riffs here help build up a lot of technique too so that you get the best of both worlds – learning what you want to learn, and developing good playing technique.

  2. Joao Paz

    After playing with Metal Riffology for a few weeks, what really stands out of this course is that you get a whole lot more than you’d expect! This is not a mere collection of great riffs (it is that, too, of course!) but also a complete, diversified and well organized workout on several aspects of guitar playing, and music in general. When someone plays nice but rhythm fails, everything else falls apart – and to me that is the most important aspect of Metal Riffology: an impecable rhythm workout, where you get to know and practice, in a very organized and systematic way, a full array of rhytmic figures that will turn your musical ideas in lines that will remaing ringing in the ears long after you turn off your amp! A final note about Sarah’s impressive playing – just like the course there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Flawless, articulated and clean. It was one of those ‘wow’ moments as soon as I tried playing along when Sarah is playing the examples at full speed. But norry not, you get them all at slow tempos and also well layed down on the enclosed material. So, to cut a long story short, it was money very well spent!

  3. Vinay

    As a bundle of three dvds yet without on-screen tab, this new metal riffs course about twice as much as the previous metal riffology. You won’t be missing anything, as you’ll probably be playing along with the Guitar Pro or .pdf files anyway. What you get is massive. You could easily get lost with this much information if it weren’t so well structured. Everything is being played in context so that you know how it is going to work in a song. Sarah clearly explains what exactly contributes to the atmosphere she’s putting down so that if you like what you hear, you can internalize it into your own riffs. It could be the interaction with the lead guitar, the melodic intervals, the syncopation. You’ll understand how to tweak your own riffs to make them sound the way you want them to. If you’ve been stuck with the same types of riffs, this course helps you break out in just the way that suits you. You can’t play metal without proper rhythm. This is your metal riffs bible. You can’t be without.

  4. Chuck Douglas

    Testimonial for Sarah:. That’s great stuff on volume 2. Its amazing how many songs you can recognize that use the dyads and shapes from the material you teach. My buddy asked me if the course taught me how to play specific songs. I said no not directly but indirectly it teaches you how to play them all.

  5. kevinstace

    Hi Sarah
    Metal Guitar Riffs is exactly what I was looking for, loads of quality riffs to learn and start improvising my own material from.
    Having both Melodic Principles and Riffology series to my reference material is the most complete package I own to date.
    Knowing all the intervals within the octave looks to be the more logical and fundamental place to start for my level, I am Looking forward to breaking out of the pentatonic shapes.
    I am very satisfied with my purchase and feel that this will be invaluable to my guitar playing progress.

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