Metal Riffology – Legacy Version


“Metal Riffology” by Sarah Spisak began as a CD-ROM in 2000 and was massively popular on eBay.  It taught 97 killer metal riffs and examined the elements that made them so awesome.  After Sarah had been working at Metal Method for a while she released her first DVD package based on the original CD-ROM.

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This is the previous version of the Metal Riffology Series. Please Click Here to visit the revised course.

Sarah Spisak’s Metal Riffology is a two-hour double disc DVD program and available by video download. Topics covered include:

  • Blues Scale Riffs
  • Pedal Tones
  • Open Chord Riffs
  • Dorian Riffs
  • Natural and Harmonic Minor Riffs
  • Hybrid Scale Riffs, Dyads
  • 3-String Shapes
  • Modal Mixture
  • Arpeggios
  • Phrygian, Locrian and Phrygian Dominant Riffs
  • Diminished and Chromatic Riffs
  • Rhythm/Syncopation
  • Time Signatures
  • Form
  • Writing Your Own Riffs


Styles of music range from “hair metal” and party rock to death metal, black metal, doom metal and more!

This course features over 100 examples and covers all aspects of metal riffing. On-screen animated tab makes it easy to learn the examples, and tab PDFs are included.

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