Monster Backing Trax


You’ve Memorized the Five Scale Positions. Now What?

It’s almost like you’re all dressed up with no place to go.  Here’s what you need- six professionally produced backing tracks designed specifically for practicing scales and modes.

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Begin by just playing up and down the scale in each of the five positions while the track plays.  You’ll start to hear the sound of the scale or mode.  If you’ve studied and understood Stage 6 of The Complete Basic Course this should be easy.  Once you begin to hear that the positions absolutely fit, are in key and actually sound good, start noodling around in each position to improvise a lead.The first thing you’ll notice is that the tracks sound amazing.  The second thing you’ll notice is that this is fun!  Let me know what you think.  – Doug Marks, Metal Method Instructor

Monster Backing Trax

Monster Backing Trax (MBT) was created to provide supplemental backing tracks for the aspiring lead guitar player. Whether you are just starting out or studying advanced material and techniques MBT will make you a better lead guitarist.

How, you ask? MBT provides an opportunity for you, the guitarist, to apply your current level of skill and knowledge in a new situation.  For example, let’s say you just learned the pentatonic minor scale in A and you know enough to be able to move it to different positions to change keys. You also may know a handful of typical riffs within the scale. You can now apply these scales and riffs over a fresh backing track. You are now forced to be creative and improvise with the tools you have learned over a fresh new landscape.

In another instance let’s assume that not only do you know that old faithful pentatonic but you are now learning major and minor scales and maybe even some modal playing. Once again you can use these tools over these tracks to sharpen your improvisations skills.

Or, let’s say you are working on playing and understanding arpeggios. This is where it gets really interesting. Learning to use chord tones in your solos to create consonance and dissonance. This takes a lot of practice in application. MBT provides the perfect backdrop for your practice.

Track Listing

  • Fuzz Buzz – F# Minor – 3:15
  • Droopy Blue – A Minor – 2:57
  • Beach Tweaker – G Mixolydian – 3:13
  • Out of Reach – C Lydian, F Lydian – 4:00
  • Meteor Shower Me With Love – E Minor, C# Diminished Apreggios – 2:35
  • Sledgehammerface – D Phrygian – 2:28

But Wait…There’s More!

Obviously, using these chord progressions as backing tracks is awesome.  Maybe as important… you can learn to play the progressions because they include Guitar Pro 6 files.  You’ve heard how cool the tracks sound.  Learn to play along at any speed with Guitar Pro 6 software.  As a bonus, the Guitar Pro files include suggestions for scale positions and melodic ideas!


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