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This is the complete set of Monster Power Chords and Lead Guitar DNA lessons by Dee J Nelson.  Start with the absolute basics of rock rhythm guitar and gradually build up to dark and heavy riffing!  Learn how to tastefully combine arpeggios with bluesy licks and bends to create memorable solos with the “Lead Guitar DNA” courses.

You’ll get:  Monster Power Chords 1 | Monster Power Chords 2 | Lead Guitar DNA Vol 1 | Lead Guitar DNA Vol. 2

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Break out of the pentatonic box and master the fretboard.

In order to be an effective and creative lead guitarist you must have a strong understanding of the relationship between the licks you are playing and the chords you are playing over. Lead Guitar DNA will show you a clear approach to understanding this relationship. This program explains the need to understand two-string arpeggios to master lead guitar. Lead Guitar DNA 2 extends this program with Phrygian two-string arpeggios.

Don’t forget your rhythm chops!

Monster Power Chords includes jam-a-long drum loops, and full blown backing tracks. The drum loops are designed to keep the beat for practicing ANY of the basic exercises in this program. The full backing tracks are designed to tie together the fundamentals being studied in each section. For advanced players already working on lead guitar skills Monster Power Chords comes with TAB of recommended scales and arpeggios to use over these backing tracks.

Lead Guitar DNA I covers:

  • 2 string arpeggios
  • Common tone soloing
  • Chord tone soloing
  • Modal soloing
  • Triad soloing
  • Triad chord theory
  • Moving beyond the pentatonic scale
  • Lead guitar improvising

Lead Guitar DNA focuses on the B Phrygian Scale and covers:

  • The Phrygian & Spanish Phrygian Scales
  • Chords as related to the Phrygian Scale
  • The Phrygian Cadence
  • 2 String Arpeggios as related to the Phrygian mode

Monster Power Chords I includes:

  • Rhythm Notation Basics
  • Open position power chords
  • Rhythm Pyramid Exercise
  • Mixing Rhythms and Chords
  • Connecting Chords with Melodic Bass Notes
  • Adding the 6 and b7 Extensions for Classic Rock Riffing
  • Mobile Power Chords and Extensions
  • Exercises for Lateral and Vertical Motion
  • Plus palm muting, muted strumming, natural and artificial harmonics, hammer-ons & pull-offs, legato slides, 16th notes, alternate picking, and drop D tuning

Monster Power Chords Volume II covers:

  • Combining Dyads or Two-Note Intervals
  • Single-String Scales
  • Blues-Scale Power Chords
  • Picking Endurance Exercises
  • 8th Note Downpicking
  • 16th Note Patterns and Riffs
  • Transitions and Turnarounds
  • Mixing Scales with Chords
  • Phrygian Blues Scale
  • Spanish Phrygian Scale
  • Core Riffs and Variations
  • Accents and Syncopation
  • Drop-C Tuning
  • Odd Meters and Groupings
  • “Over the Bar” Phrasing
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