Monster Power Chords Volume 2


Building on the fundamentals taught by Dee J Nelson in Monster Power Chords Volume 1, the intensity is kicked up in this sequel. Accenting and syncopation, odd meter, drop tunings, inversions and more are covered in this lesson.

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Monster Power Chords Volume 2 covers the following topics:

  • Combining Dyads or Two-Note Intervals
  • Single-String Scales
  • Blues-Scale Power Chords
  • Picking Endurance Exercises
  • 8th Note Downpicking
  • 16th Note Patterns and Riffs
  • Transitions and Turnarounds
  • Mixing Scales with Chords
  • Phrygian Blues Scale
  • Spanish Phrygian Scale
  • Core Riffs and Variations
  • Accents and Syncopation
  • Drop-C Tuning
  • Odd Meters and Groupings
  • “Over the Bar” Phrasing

This program shows you how to build riffs and song sections using all of the tools listed above. Students will gain an understanding of how a basic idea can evolve into an intense composition.

Monster Power Chords Volume 2 comes with 36 new exercises and 5 new backing tracks. The backing tracks are also great for practicing lead guitar improvisation. It also features an exclusive lesson based on a song by the band Dope entitled “Selfish”, released in October 2014 as the first single from the bands 7th studio album Blood Money. That’s right- learn how power chords are used in real songs!

Guitar Pro 6 files are included for you to play along with all exercises at any speed at no additional charge. (Guitar Pro 6 software sold separately).

While this video introduces many advanced facets of rhythm it is also a great review of the information presented in Monster Power Chords Volume 1. Buy both today and save!

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