Complete Rock Guitar Course – includes all 4 Stages on 8 DVDs or 8 Downloads

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The Complete Guitar Course 2017

This is a complete step-by-step approach to help you become an accomplished guitarist. These rock guitar lessons are designed as a series of 48 weekly lessons on 8 DVDs or 8 Digital Downloads.  Can be mastered without the need for personal instruction. If you do need help, we’re here for you. Post your questions on to receive help from our  instructors and students.

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Since 1982 this program has continued to improve through three major revisions (1992, 2007, and 2017). These updates reflect student input and changing technology. For example, the first course was taught on audio cassettes – remember those? Now it utilizes digital download, DVD, and streaming. This is a step-by-step set of instructions that guarantees success. It’s fun, entertaining, challenging, and rewarding.  The course is called complete not because it covers every aspect of guitar.  Instead, it completely reinforces the fundamentals.

You don’t need to spend weeks and months learning techniques that are seldom used. 80% of mastering guitar comes from just 20% of the information.We stress the 20% that will yield the greatest results with a minimum effort.

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7 reviews for Complete Rock Guitar Course – includes all 4 Stages on 8 DVDs or 8 Downloads

  1. Mark Darrah

    I’m going into week 17, which puts me at the end of level 6. This course was exactly what I was looking for when I contacted Doug for the first time 3 months ago. I can’t explain how awesome this course is, and Doug is a top notch teacher. I’m studying this course weekly to keep the excitement level at a max. If you want to learn what is needed to play guitar purchase this course, you won’t be sorry.

  2. B M

    I bought most of his tapes in the early 90’s which included his 6 lessons, song tapes & speed kills. You could buy them individually then. Lesson 1-3 came on a single tape and only had a printed label on the tape. Soon he got fancy packaging. I always wanted to play the guitar but didn’t want to go out and take lessons. The tapes worked. I would buy sheet music books from Cherry Hill and work on playing songs I liked. Also played many songs from Guitar magazines. Still have Speed Demons of Metal magazine that had several great songs.

    Back then he offered a rebate if you bought a Guitar from Carvin after seeing his tapes. I got that. Carvin made nice guitars.

  3. Dustin

    I completed 90% of the previous version. Then this came out. The previous version was so good that I wanted to see how it could possibly be improved. The pacing is slower, everything is made plain and simple. Doug breaks down literally everything into tiny, digestible chunks. Best of all, he teaches you how to practice and sets specific goals so you can measure your progress. If you follow Doug’s instructions and stick to the course, it is impossible not to improve your guitar playing. Bottom line: this is a quality product for serious guitarists.

  4. Doug Marks

    Thank you very much for that Dustin. The 2016 version of the course is new so I haven’t had a lot of feedback yet. This means a lot to me because I’ve spent the last 11 months working very hard on this revision. Thanks

  5. Jean

    I’ve been working my way slowly though the course (and slowly is purely because I have other playing commitments that take up my time). It’s actually perfectly paced in terms of how much to work on each lesson, especially if you’re busy. My goal for this was to improve my soloing skills, and honestly they’re already SO much better. Definitely enough improvement that I keep working to finish the course. Doug is also amusing enough to keep my interest for the videos….

  6. Mark Cotton

    Having a great time with Doug’s new version of the guitar course. Been playing for a while but Doug makes sure you focus on playing cleanly and the exercises help significantly with keeping time while playing. My problem was always lead playing with scales and the different positions and in a couple of weeks I have already shown improvements in these areas. Highly recommended.

  7. Vincent V

    I’ve been enjoying Doug Marks’ courses. In a short amount of time, my speed has increased significantly and I have a better understanding of scales and bar chords.

    This 2016 revision is a gold mine of information! And I hope that the Metal Method brand gets the awareness and recognition it deserves. Everyone who pays expensive weekly guitar lessons should be aware of Doug Marks courses. They are less expensive and far more effective.

    Thank you Doug Marks!

  8. Simon Stock

    I have messed around on the guitar for many years (I am now 60!) but have never made any real progress but since starting this course I have been blown away by it. I too am working slowly through – I am now on week 26 which has taken me about 9 months to complete but that has been my choice as I find some lessons harder to master than others. Doug Marks is an excellent instructor – clear, concise and with a sense of humour. His motivational tips are also a great help. I now look forward to practice each day and have clear goals to achieve. I cannot recommend this too highly to any beginner or intermediate player.

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