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Sarah Spisak’s Guitar Soloing Package will take you step-by-step from the simplest two and three string shapes to knowing your way around the whole fretboard.  You will wonder why nobody showed you these simple ideas and patterns before now!  Available in both DVD and Instant Access Digital Download formats.  The program includes these courses:

Easy Guitar Modes (Downloads or 4 DVDs)

Arpeggios for Rock Guitar (Download or DVD)

Rock Guitar Scales Workshop (Download or DVD)

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Sarah Spisak’s Guitar Soloing Package is your guide to finally mastering the fretboard.  You will learn how to solo confidently in pentatonic scales and all seven modes.  Instead of struggling to learn music from tab you will recognize patterns by ear and be able to write your own music.

This is for players at all levels.  There are easier examples and more challenging solos- something for you no matter where you are in your playing ability.  Learn how to build and play arpeggios and use them in riffs, licks and solos.  Your solos will sound melodic and fit the chord progressions!

You Will Learn these Essential Tools for Melodic Soloing:

  • The shapes and sounds of all seven modes
  • A simple method for playing pentatonic scales all over the neck
  • Three different basic forms for each arpeggio and how to connect them to quickly gain fretboard mastery and musical fluency
  • Major, Minor, Major Seventh, Dominant Seventh, and Diminished Seventh arpeggios
  • Chord Inversions
  • Easy chord substitutions
  • The Mixolydian Pentatonic Scale
  • Targeting chord tones over progressions
  • Easy Sweep Picking Patterns
  • …and so much more!

Includes videos, tab PDFs, backing tracks and optional Guitar Pro files.  Get more information on the specific lessons included in the Guitar Soloing Package through the links below:

Easy Guitar Modes | Apreggios for Rock Guitar | Rock Guitar Scales Workshop

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