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You want to hear your music on the radio, the Internet, or even Sirius XM – that’s a realistic goal. Somebody’s doing it, why not you? For your song to go viral you must make sure that your music fits with an existing format. You must be creative but not so unusual that your music doesn’t fit the playlist.

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The most financially successful guitarists are songwriters. The reason is simple; they usually own the copyrights and publishing for their original music. It takes a combination of craftsmanship, skill, and talent to become a successful songwriter. Unless you attempt to write original music you’ll never know if you’re one of the lucky ones. If you don’t purchase a ticket you won’t win the lottery.

The Songwriting for Guitarists Course teaches how to professionally write, arrange and record a song that fits within your favorite style. It’s divided into four one hour videos that cover it all – Getting Started, Equipment, Lead Composition and Recording.

The Complete Songwriting Course includes 4 DVDs or downloads and is now available for half price, only $29.95! Why so cheap? The course was created in 1995. The rules of songwriting haven’t changed so the program is still as relevant but technology has changed so some of the hardware and software explained in the second and fourth sections cover equipment from that era. We’re including these two videos with the course at no charge to you. Even in these two lessons the process taught hasn’t changed – midi sequencers and drum machines still perform the same functions now as they did then. If you’re new to midi programming and recording these will still give you a great overview of the process and they’re absolutely free.

The other two lessons teach the basics of songwriting and lead composition. They’re every bit as relevant now as they were in 1995 when the lesson was created.

Bonus: But wait… there’s more!

A song by Doug Marks is written throughout the 4 lessons.  In the fourth video Doug is in the studio with Lonnie Vencent (bass guitar, Hawk, King Kobra, BulletBoys) and Jim Gillette (vocals, Nitro).  The song is “Out of Time” modeled after a Deep Purple song.

Topics Include:

  • Choosing a song as a model
  • Creating a full arrangement section by section
  • Editing riffs to fit vocals and lead smoothly into the following section
  • Crafting a solo that fits the song
  • Writing lyrics
  • Using sequencers to write and record
  • Working with scratch and click tracks
  • Preparing to go into a professional studio- save time and money!
  • Micing an acoustic drum kit
  • Tips for making more money from publishing
  • …and so much more!
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