Speed Kills 1991

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Created over two decades ago, Speed Kills 1991 is the original “shredder’s bible.” These techniques are as relevant today as they were in 1991. This is your opportunity to learn from a master.  Michael Angelo Batio shares the techniques that have made him one of the fastest and most accurate players on the planet.

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Speed Kills 1991 is the original “shredder’s bible” created over two decades ago and is still a standard reference for neoclassical guitarists. Although Michael recently revised this program it’s difficult to top the original because there’s still plenty of relevant information taught here.

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2 reviews for Speed Kills 1991

  1. Dan

    The original and still champion! This video really pushes you to be faster as well as more precise. There are several exercises that span many different techniques for building speed and they all not only work, they’re fun to play! Michael Angelo balances great lessons with humor and the video really is a treat to watch on its own, even without your guitar in hand. Speaking of which, where do I get a 29 fret guitar anyway?

  2. Matt

    After finishing the original 6 levels of Doug Mark’s Instructional Video, I bought Speed Kills and was totally blown away by MAB’s playing. I was working on a commercial game project at the time and needed custom music for the cut scene. I started spending all my spare time after work grinding out the first few Xersizes (spell?), and slowly improved speed and accuracy over several months. I got out of it everything that I put into it. I was able to create my own original music synchronized to the video and I did shred it like he said it! I couldn’t be happier with the result. And my playing went ballistic. Thanks MAB! I just bought the new No Boundaries note-for-note and that’s what I’m going to split my practice time on — rather than just learning rhythm from songs using Riffmaster.

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