Speed Kills 2


Speed Kills 2 covers tremolo picking, pedal point, blues vibrato, arpeggio basics, tapped arpeggios, sweep arpeggios and more.

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Speed Kills 2 represents the most extensive revision to the Speed Kills series in over twenty years.

Here’s what is taught in this program

  • Potential picking speed / tremolo picking
  • Comprehensive finger warmup
  • 4 notes per string drill
  • Pedal point
  • Django Reinhardt
  • Blues Style Vibrato
  • Thumb over the neck for blues
  • Arpeggio basics
  • Picking hand tapped arpeggio
  • String skipping tapped arpeggio
  • Diminished arpeggio
  • C Major 6 string arpeggio
  • Sweep Arpeggios

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