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Speed Kills 3, described by Guitar World Magazine as “amazing!”  If you're only planning to buy a single program by Michael Angelo Batio, this should be the one.

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This program was formerly called Speed Kills 2010

The key to speed and accuracy is to pay attention to a few precise details of both the picking and fretting hands. Without proper instructions you’ll never understand these details- and who could be better at explaining this stuff than “The World’s Fastest Shredder”? (according to Guitar World Magazine)

Speed Kills 3 by Michael Angelo Batio Explains These Techniques

  • Alternate picking
  • Economy picking
  • Legato technique / hammer and pull
  • Hybrid picking
  • Fretboard tapping

Speed Kills 3 isn’t just a revision, it has many new techniques and exercises. Michael breaks it all down into five fundamental techniques: alternate picking, economy picking, legato technique, hybrid picking, and fretboard tapping.

Guitar World Readers’ Poll, October 2011 chose Michael Angelo Batio as the number one Fastest Guitarist of All Time


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1 review for Speed Kills 3

  1. Jonathan

    Anyone can use Speed Kills 3 to get better at technique, even beginners or intermediates. Even non-shredders. There was some discussion on the forum about this and everyone agreed. I started at 25 BPM! Just because MAB is one of the top neoclassical guitarists in the world, you don’ t have to be a shredder first to use the program, it’s for anybody who wants to alternate pick faster and play riffs faster/cleaner. I’m basically a beginner-intermediate myself right now and I started with the first few exercises in Speed Kills 3. It is already worth the time investment. I have made good progress just by doing the exercises every so often (while really focused each time). I graphed my speed progress, you can see it on the forum, check it out if you like – http://guitarlessonforum.com/guitar-forums/topic/speed-kills-3-progress .. It would be great to compare if anyone else wants to share progress too. My finger movement is definitely improved, hands closer to the fretboard after following these SK exercises. I really took MAB’s advice quite literally. “To play fast ya gotta play slow” I beat my previous fastest BPM by following MAB’s exercises, in large part because my alternate picking improved and has become cleaner. Made it to clean 100 BPM 16th notes and I’m gonna keep going. I notice when playing songs with arpeggios that this new picking skill kicks into gear. SK3 is a very good companion to Speed & Accuracy so far. Whereas Speed & Accuracy moves up & down the neck which builds fast position shifting, the first exercises of SK3 to me are in a single position to really drill down to the picking and minimal finger movement.

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