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Michael Angelo Batio is the master of shred guitar. He’s almost as famous for his teaching skills as he is for his over the top shred technique. What does this mean for you? If you want to shred, this is a comprehensive guide to neo-classical guitar technique. This is not only the place to learn these techniques, it’s a system to master shred guitar.  Includes Speed Kills 1, 2, and 3 plus “No Boundaries” note for note.  4 DVDs or Downloads with Tab PDFs and optional Guitar Pro Files – 50% off for a limited time!

“There is no other program on the planet that is even close to this system for mastering shred guitar techniques.” – Guitar World Magazine


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There is no other program on the planet that is even close to this system for mastering shred guitar techniques. You’ll learn alternate, economy and hybrid picking, sweeping, tapping, legato technique, arpeggios, vibrato and more!

Includes the “No Boundaries Note-for-Note” Lesson!

Many people think that the name of the song on the original Speed Kills lesson is called Speed Kills, but it’s actually called No Boundaries. This song was created by MAB to illustrate every neoclassical shred technique known to man.  That means that once this lesson is mastered you’ll have a real understanding of shred guitar.

Michael Angelo Batio breaks the song No Boundaries into 27 parts. He explains each section then plays the part at full-on shred speed.  Next he plays the section at 50% tempo and you can see both the fretting and picking hands in detail.  Then, each part is shown with on-screen animated tab.

It’s not talent – it’s perseverance

  • You’ve got what it takes to master shred guitar. The only thing necessary is to study this program.
  • Potential picking speed / tremolo picking – identify your current skill level. Michael shows you how.

Shred Techniques

  • Radically increase picking speed and coordination
  • Alternate picking
  • Economy picking
  • Hybrid picking
  • Legato hybrid picking
  • Dorian hybrid picking
  • Pedal point
  • 2 string scale for fretboard mastery
  • Fretboard tapping
  • Arpeggio basics
  • Picking hand tapped arpeggio
  • String skipping tapped arpeggio
  • String skipping arpeggio

Sweep Picking

  • Sweep Arpeggios
  • Major and Minor 3 string arpeggio
  • Major and Minor 5 string arpeggio
  • Major and Minor 6 string arpeggio
  • Diminished 3 string arpeggio

Modern blues

  • Blues Style Vibrato
  • Thumb over the neck for blues

Legato Exercise

  • Legato technique / hammer and pull
  • Hammers and Pulls

Chord Chemistry

  • Classical chord progression
  • Classical progression arpeggios

How to begin your practice session

  • Comprehensive finger warmup
  • Coordination drills for all finger combinations
  • 4 notes per string drill
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