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You may have thought that Speed Kills was the first shred instructional video. Michael Angelo actually recorded this Star Licks Master Series – Michael Angelo package five years before Speed Kills. This includes many of the exercises that Michael later made famous on Metal Method instructional videos. It also includes a few that you’ve never heard before.  Promotional price for a limited time!

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MAB had a five year contract with Star Licks. When the contract expired he joined the Metal Method team along with Jim Gillette and recorded Speed Kills. The reason that so few people have seen this video is because when he left Star Licks the company wasn’t allowed to continue selling the program. They stopped in the states but continued to sell it overseas…. but that’s another story.

Michael regained the rights to the Star Licks Master Series Michael Angelo a couple of years ago and made it available for his Kickstarter program. This lesson is now in our Metal Methoed catalog. It includes the original, handwritten tab (written by the man himself) and shows exclusive concert footage from 1986. This was pre Nitro. Think of this as a combination great guitar lesson and historical artifact. It was the first shred instructional video. 1986 was a time when cutting edge neoclassical style guitarists ruled the metal scene and Michael with his double and quad axe was a leader in the movement.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The first double axe demonstration
  • How to pick fast
  • Picking technique
  • Holding the pick
  • Tremolo
  • Warm up exercises
  • Face-melting licks
  • Concert Footage
  • A massive shred to close the program

Here’s the story about the Star Licks Master Series Michael Angelo in the words of MAB from a Guitar World interview:

“There was an MAB instructional before Speed Kills which we are releasing. It’s the 25th anniversary of my Star Licks video. I secured the rights to it, so yeah, we’re releasing it. It will be a commemorative edition. When I did the Star Licks video, there was no tablature software. None. It didn’t exist. And nobody had computers, no cell phones, anything. So I actually was the only one who could write the transcription. I had to hand-write out the booklet. I was the only guy who could do it. I’m not saying the only one who could, but I was the only one who took the time, and I mean I had to use pen and ink. It was old school, but it was fun for me to make sure that the notation looked good. It was accurate, and it’s pretty cool. That’s the booklet that is included in this new edition.”

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