Sweep Pick Basics – Four Week Program


Dan Mumm teaches you the absolute basics of sweep picking in a four-week program. This is a package price that includes all four weeks. Each individual week is $7.95. When you purchase all four as a package for $19.95 you save $11.85. This program is currently available only on digital download.

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Four Week Program Includes: Week One | Week Two | Week ThreeWeek Four

This is a four-week program that you can master in one month.  You will learn the following:

  • The fundamental aspects of sweep picking
  • Trade secrets exposed – easy enough for beginners
  • Tricks for keeping patterns smooth and clean sounding
  • 3, 4 and 5 string sweep patterns
  • How to use fretting hand to keep pattern clean sounding
  • Changing major sweeps to minor by moving a single note
  • Practice tips
  • Looping sweep patterns
  • Incorporating hammers and pulls
  • Clean transitions between downward and upward pick directions
  • Rolling bar technique
  • Major and minor apreggios
  • Adapting bar chords to sweep picking
  • Sweeping through the pentatonic scale
  • Multiple hammer-pull segments
  • Major seventh arpeggio sweeps
  • Minor ninth arpeggios
  • Asymmetrical diminished seventh sweep arpeggio

This is Dan’s third program covering sweep techniques. The first program was Sweep Pick Mechanics. If you’re already an accomplished player it should still be your first choice. Sweep Pick Mechanics starts at the beginning but moves through entry level sweep technique very quickly. Probably too quickly for an intermediate player.

Next, Dan Mumm put together the Sweep Pick Fundamentals program. With this lesson, he spent more time on the basics. Even so, we received a few comments that it just wasn’t basic enough. Then, we revised the program with a few more video close-ups but it’s still a little complicated for players that are new to the technique.


Dan Mumm Explains Sweep Pick Basics
Having done two comprehensive Sweep Picking programs, Sweep Pick Mechanics and Sweep Pick Fundamentals, I’ve had the opportunity to dig down deep into the technique from a variety of different perspectives.  This program takes this information and applies it directly to a ground-up sweep picking course that will help players who are brand new to the technique grasp the basics in a simple and straightforward way – as well as give more advanced players a stronger foundation for their own technique.  While my previous two programs are collections of sweep picking patterns and exercises, Mechanics being advanced patterns and Fundamentals being basic through intermediate, this program teaches the underlying elements that allow these patterns to be mastered easily and with a broader understanding of what is happening within the technique and the various patterns themselves.

Sweep Pick Basics also teaches a method of understanding the structure of sweep patterns to allow the student to be able to find and build their own patterns with ease.  For lack of a better term, I’ll call this a “3-dimensional understanding”. Instead of simply memorizing various patterns and techniques, the student will be able to make connections between all of them to understand how it all works within the fretboard and the overall context of their playing. This program isn’t just a precursor to my previous programs, but a critical companion that will allow the student to get even more out of what is taught in both of my previous programs and unlock more potential in their overall playing ability and general understanding of the guitar.

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