Sweep Pick Fundamentals


Like any other technique, sweep picking can be mastered by first practicing the fundamentals. Dan Mumm takes a step back from his ground breaking program Sweep Pick Mechanics to explain these funamentals.  That's right, this is the prequel to Sweep Pick Mechanics!  Dan decided to back up a few steps emphasize the basics. He begins with simple two string sweeps and gradually builds step-by-step until you'll be ripping through four string arps, sweep progressions and more.

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Sweep Picking Doesn’t Need to be Difficult…

With this new program, Dan makes sweep picking accessible to a broad range of late beginner to intermediate players. This program starts with fundamental sweep patterns. Instead of increasing in difficulty, it demonstrates how intricate shapes can be made by combining simple ones. Dan’s goal with this program is to teach you the building blocks of sweep pick arpeggios. Once you understand the basic structure you will be able to construct your own sweeps with ease.

Dan takes the time to explain and demonstrate the picking and fretting hand techniques in detail.  These include proper string muting technique as well as the rolling barre and other fundamentals.

About this Lesson

It’s not a long lesson.  It actually clocks in at only 22 minutes but don’t let the brevity fool you.  It’s packed with 35 exercises that will take you through all of the steps from novice to expert.  Even so, Dan never quite brings out all of the fire power.  He saves that for Sweep Pick Mechanics.  Dan explains in the program, “See how easy it is to do 2 string sweeps?  To do 4 string sweeps you just do the exact same movement on 2 more strings.”  You’re finally going to master this technique.

One thing that I like about this lesson is, he shows how versatile sweep picking can be.  It’s not just about neo-classical shred.  He’ll show you sweeps that work in other genres.

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