Sweep Picking Combo Pack


Learn the ins and outs of sweep picking and sweep picking arpeggios with this comprehensive combo.  Start with the Sweep Picking Mastery video course which utilizes Dan Mumm’s latest method built from over 20 years of specialization.  This linear course will not only teach you sweep picking technique and arpeggio shapes but will help you to learn about the structure of each arpeggio pattern through comparisons.  Each segment of Sweep Picking Mastery can be expanded upon virtually infinitely with The Sweep Picking Compendium.  Designed as the perfect companion for Sweep Picking Mastery, The Sweep Picking Compendium is a 4 volume set of tab eBooks.  The Compendium contains 455 sweep patterns, all arranged and ordered in a way that matches perfectly with Sweep Picking Mastery.  This is your last stop for sweep picking.

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  • Sweep Picking Mastery – A meticulously designed video course on sweep picking technique and the structure of sweep arpeggios.  Takes you from basic technique to advanced technique.  Includes 3-string, 4-string, 5-string and 6-string arpeggios of a variety including simple and complex arpeggio types.  Also teaches multi-string hammer-ons and tapped arpeggios – $19.95
  • The Sweep Picking Compendium – A massive collection of sweep arpeggio tabs with extended and alternate versions that will show you how to build on existing patterns as well as learn to create your own.  This 4-volume eBook set of tabs covers a grand total of 455 patterns.  The Sweep Picking Compendium covers nearly every sweep arpeggio and arpeggio type that you could ever want or need, regardless of style or application.  Make your way through The Sweep Picking Compendium and you will never need another sweep picking lesson again.  Sweep Picking Mastery will show you how to use the Compendium and get the very most out of what it has to offer – $59.95

Includes printable guitar tab along with Guitar Pro animated tab to play along at any tempo.


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