The Sweep Picking Compendium


This instant download package contains 4 eBooks and 228 Guitar Pro tabs all focusing exclusively on sweep arpeggios.  Each volume focuses on different string groupings of arpeggios. Volume 1 focuses on 3-string patterns, Volume 2 focuses on 4-string patterns, Volume 3 focuses on 5-string patterns and Volume 4 focuses on 6-string patterns. Altogether there are 228 tabs that are extended outward through extended and alternate versions to make a grand total of 455 sweep patterns.

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A 4 volume set of of sweep arpeggio tabs, containing 228 tabs that make up 455 patterns in total.  Patterns covered in The Sweep Picking Compendium include arpeggios based off of standard Major, minor, diminished and augmented triads, as well as arpeggios for 7th, Maj7, 9th, 6th, b6th, dim7, half-diminished, Aug7, 6add9, sus2 and sus4 chords.

Note: This package does not include a video.

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