Dan Mumm’s Ultimate Shred Package


Dan Mumm’s Ultimate Shred Package will take you step-by-step from the absolute basics to master class. This includes Dan’s world famous sweep lessons and more. Way more!  Two-hand tapping, Classical Masterpieces, Beyond Shred, and showcase live performances.  Available in both DVD and Instant Access Digital Download formats.  The program includes these six courses:


Fret Touch Mechanics – Two-Hand-Tapping (Download or DVD)

Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar (Download or DVD)

A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar (Download or DVD)

Sweep Pick Basics (Download Version)

Sweep Pick Fundamentals (Download or DVD)

Sweep Pick Mechanics (Download or DVD)

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Dan Mumm’s Ultimate Shred Package contains a virtually unlimited wealth of guitar knowledge and techniques.  It’s a one stop collection of lessons that can take you to true virtuoso levels of playing.

This isn’t just for neoclassical shred. You’ll find that this wealth of techniques is an invaluable tool for all genres. It will increase your understanding of the relationship of notes across the fretboard.

You Will Learn…

  • Sweep picking technique (from absolute beginner to advanced)
  • Advanced two handed tapping
  • A wide variety of shred patterns
  • Dan Mumm’s signature approach to building new patterns from scales and modes
  • “General Lead Guitar Skill” through learning excerpts of famous Classical pieces for Metal guitar
  • Legato runs
  • Application of shred, sweep and tapping in Dan’s note by note instruction of “A Glimpse Beyond”
  • …and much, much, more!

Get more information on the specific lessons included in the Ultimate Shred Package through the links below:

Package Includes: Sweep Pick Basics (Download) | Sweep Pick Fundamentals | Sweep Pick Mechanics | Fret Touch Mechanics |  Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar | A Glimpse Beyond

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