This lesson is an excerpt from Dee J Nelson’s “Lead Guitar DNA Volume II” and features a technique for smoothly executing two-string arpeggios. The first shape is a B minor 7 chord, followed by a B minor arpeggio in first inversion with an added 9th. The final shape is a second inversion B minor 7 arpeggio. Be sure to note that the B string is not picked except at the beginning and end of the exercise. Instead of picking the notes on the B string, we use a technique often called “hammer on from nowhere” or a “fret-hand tap”. This will require some strength because the string is not already ringing; you will need to hit it hard enough to sound the first note, then pull and hammer again. This absence of a pick attack creates a very smooth and fluid tone.

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Lead Guitar DNA 2, Phractured Phrygian
This lesson is all about the Phrygian Mode which is used widely in hard rock and metal music. The many classic tunes that use the Phrygian sound include: Metallica’s “Am I Evil”, Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”, and Steve Vai’s “For the Love of God”.

Understanding modes is a huge topic of study on the guitar. Modes can help us to understand the fretboard, sharpen our fretting and picking skills, and help the aspiring lead guitarist break out of “the box”.

Phractured Phrygian is a complete study of the Phrygian mode that helps guitarists learn the fretboard and builds chops, but then goes beyond that to gain a complete understanding of the elements that create the Phrygian sound. Phractured Phrygian uses the Lead Guitar DNA chord tone soloing approach to expose these elements and put them at your fingertips!

This Program focuses on the B Phrygian Scale and covers;

      • The Phrygian & Spanish Phrygian Scales
      • Chords as related to the Phrygian Scale
      • The Phrygian Cadence
      • 2 String Arpeggios as related to the Phrygian mode

Once you’ve mastered the B Phrygian Scale simply move it up and down the fretboard to cover all keys.  Phractured Phrygian comes complete with 24 exercises and 3 new backing tracks for accompaniment of the exercises or for just plain old jammin’ out.

While this program delves into the theoretical world of the phrygian mode, you don’t need to be a music theory professor to enjoy it. You can learn the riffs that create the phrygian sound while gradually gaining a complete understanding of the theory through repeated study. All theory is thoroughly covered in the on disc files that come with the program.

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