Did you receive more value from my lessons than the price?

If so, this is your opportunity to help me move Metal Method and the future of hard rock and metal forward.

Teaching my students has been my privilege

Doug MarksI have always felt that my students don’t owe me anything because they paid for the lessons. Still, many have expressed that they received much more value than the price.  The reward for me has been that many of you have moved the ball forward.  You’ve learned far more than I taught you and have created your own following.  That is the full circle that I envisioned in 1982.  For those of you that were students back then you may remember that I explained each person I teach has the potential of creating their own audience which expands the audience for our music.

Hard rock and metal have had ups and downs since then.  I plan to talk about this at length in the future but here are my thoughts in brief.  We made a huge impact in the 80s but gradually have allowed our music to slip to the background of public recognition.  The Billboard hot 100 has very few hard rock songs.  I did notice recently that Five Finger Death Punch made it to the top 10 (March 2020) so it’s possible to still be relevant.  Aside from that rock listings was sparse – mainly regurgitated classic rock. Still, if a single hard rock band can make the top ten there is the potential for many more to reach that level.  We just need to try a little harder.

Sign up to help Metal Method grow, increase the popularity of our music, and most important – help me to remember you!

Grammy’s?  What Grammy’s?  We’re good for specific niche categories but could you imagine a hard rock or metal new artist of the year?  LOL – Yes, I am actually laughing out loud.

Still, I think rock music is the most popular form of music in motion pictures, advertising, video games, sporting events, you name it.  So what’s the deal?  We’ll discuss this very soon.

My Point

Oh yeah, what’s my point?  I want people that thought they would never play in a band to play in a band.  People that thought they would never write music to write music.  People that never thought they would express their music on YouTube and Spotify to yes, express themselves on YouTube and Spotify.

Sign up to help Metal Method grow, increase the popularity of our music, and most important – help me to remember you!

You can help me with this.  Primarily what I need is your comments and suggestions when I post a YouTube video.  Participating in our Facebook group is really helpful.  The “social media” algorithm gives engagement a boost.  You can give Metal Method a boost by taking the time to engage – participate in discussions, comments, and respond to polls.

There are many things that you can do to “move the ball forward.”  Maybe I need participation on a particularly hot topic.  I’ll let you know.

Do you have a special skill that can assist this project?  It’s amazing what’s out there.  A couple of months after I re-released my Hawk CD a guy showed up wanting to master the album for free.  He did and it sounds great.  He was a little late though, I’ve moved beyond that project.  Anyway, you may have a unique skill-set to offer.  If so, help!

About the signup form

There are a few names that I see all the time on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.  I want to be able to learn about you using the information in the signup form.  Finally, I’ll remember who you are.  That’s really what this is all about.  I may see some weird username on a YouTube comment.  I can look it up and see your name and what our interaction has been.  So, if this seems a bit intrusive, I just want to remember who you are.

Maybe I’ve written something on our Facebook page that needs a bump.  I can send a message to just those that have liked our Facebook page (without paying Facebook for the privilege of contacting you).

One thing that’s a bit awkward, is the memo field where I ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself.  It appears to be one small line and is difficult to use to write your story.  I suggest writing the message then copy and paste it into the field.  You have 255 characters.  If you write in Microsoft Word for example, you can look at the bottom of the page, it will tell you how many words.  Click on that and you can see the number of characters that you’ve used.  Keep it to 255.  A tech friend might be able to make this a bit more elegant. You’ve got my number (https://metalmethod.com/contact-us)

That’s about it.  Please sign up now to support the future of our music and Metal Method.  You don’t owe me anything but you may realize that you learned way more from my lessons than you paid for them.  If so… Sign up to help Metal Method grow, increase the popularity of our music, and most important – help me to remember you!

Thanks very much for your support,

Doug Marks