Free Rock Guitar Lessons: Complete Course

Complete Course – The Pentatonic Zone – Part 4

Beginning January 26th (next week) a weekly lesson will be posted each week at 1:00 p.m. Pacific. We’ll begin with Week 1, from my Complete Guitar Course, a beginner guitar lesson. Each lesson includes printable tab and will be available for one week only.

This Week’s Lesson

This week’s lesson can always be found at  Please bookmark this page.  This is the fourth last lesson of this series. This is Week 21 from The Complete Guitar Course.  This lesson and tab will no longer be available after next Saturday.

To receive printable tab: CLICK HERE

Important: When the tab appears you must bookmark, download, or print the page.  Otherwise, you may lose track of it.  There is one exercise per page, scroll down the page to see all exercises.

Notes for Week 21:

9:38 – You must read the Test Instructions.pdf or this will make no sense at all. The waveform analysis that I’m referring to is clearly explained in the practice materials that you downloaded. You did download the practice materials… didn’t you?

The test instructions include a lot of very cool information. It’s a must read to fully understand this lesson.

10:07 – The click track that I’m referring to is included with the lesson materials that come with my program. Want the play along animated tab? Want the backing tracks? Want me to stay in business? lol Buy my course!

10:30 – The tempo of the metronome is doubled but still play it at 75 beats per minute. An eighth note, for example, gets four clicks instead of 2.

14:23 – I’m going to be giving Skype private guitar lessons very soon. I would like to take a look at your technique. Stay tuned

See you next week!

Doug Marks