Ready to Make History?

Dan Mumm is planning to record a new CD. It’s being funded by a Kickstarter Campaign that ends Monday afternoon.  FOR TODAY ONLY –  You can purchase any of Dan’s guitar lessons from his Kickstarter Campaign. The lessons cost the exact same price on Kickstarter as they do buying direct from Metal Method. The difference is, 100% of the purchase price goes to fund the recording of Dan’s new album, Peering Through the Lens of Time. Contribute to Dan’s Kickstarter Campaign and you’ll receive the lessons for free, a free download of his album and…. you’ve helped fund Dan’s project. So how do you make history? Your name will be printed in the album credits as a “Metal Method Team Contributor.” How cool is that?

Stop by the Forum and say hi to Dan today.

Dan will be on the Forum off and on all day long. Stop by and let him know that you contributed. Hang around and watch the contributions come in. Let’s put Dan over the top today. He only needs (at the time of this writing) another $1400. We can do that. Here’s a link to Dan on the Forum: Dan Mumm on the Forum

This lesson includes six exercises with printable tab, Guitar Pro 6 files, and backing tracks.  A Download link to the lesson materials will be emailed to you. To receive this download package please fill out this form.

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Free Lesson from Dan Mumm’s new program

Dan MummAs a special thanks for everyone’s support in helping Dan Mumm’s Kickstarter campaign Peering Through the Lens of Time, Dan Mumm is giving away an absolutely free stand-alone lesson from his latest Metal Method instructional program Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar.

This lesson includes six exercises, with tab, and backing tracks.  Download link will be emailed to you.

You can watch the lesson on this page or directly on YouTube

What’s it all about?

The lesson is focused on a complete passage from a Concerto in A-minor by Vivaldi.  This free lesson includes exercises 8-13 from Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar and includes full tabs in Guitar Pro 6 and PDF format and the accompanying play-along backing track.  This particular segment of Dan’s latest Metal Method instructional program is just one of many similar segments found within the program.  Each grouping of exercises teaches a recognizable passage from a Classical piece of music that is both enjoyable to learn and to play.  While the complete passages are quite impressive, they are meant for intermediate level students and are much easier to learn than they appear.  However, these popular melodies will be just as enjoyable for players ranging up to the most advanced levels as they will for intermediate players.  Dan’s focus in the program is to help guitarists break down mental playing and practicing boundaries and find the bridge between all guitar techniques – leading to an overall higher skill level and faster learning capabilities.