Speed Lives Package

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Learn to play three complete songs by Michael Angelo Batio-  “No Boundaries”, “Hands Without Shadows” and “The Finish Line”.

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In each of these three programs Michael Angelo Batio explains how to play one of his original compositions. Speed Lives teaches “No Boundaries”, Speed Lives 2 teaches “Hands Without Shadows” and Speed Lives 3 explains how to play “The Finish Line.” All are awesome, challenging compositions!

Learning these songs in Speed Lives Package by MAB will make you a better guitarist.

Michael first explains each section then teaches both fretting and picking hands at slow speed. Then, each part is shown with on-screen animated tab. Last, he blazes through each section at mind-blowing speed.

One great thing about the song “No Boundaries” is that it’s a combination of every rock style and technique imaginable. It explains techniques as diverse as blues, classic rock, and neoclassical shred arpeggios. In other words, once you’ve mastered this song, you can play anything.

This DVD has an extensive menu system to help you navigate through the program with your DVD player’s remote control. The DVD and video download both include an “on disk” printable booklet and animated “play along” tablature.

3 DVDs or 3 Downloads – Save $10

Package Includes: No Boundaries Note-forNote | Speed Lives 2 | Speed Lives 3

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