Sweep Picking Basics by Michael Angelo Batio

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The secret to playing the A minor arpeggio shape in exercise 24 clean and fast lies in thinking of both hands as equals. On the first string of this pattern, the second note (C) is hammered. This is followed by a note on the D string (E) and one on the G string (A). These two notes are played by rolling the finger across the strings. We don’t want both notes to sound at the same time; we want to hear them individually. Palm muting will be helpful in controlling the sound. Also note the pull-off on the high E string, and the reverse rolling motion on the descent. Next we have Michael’s favorite minor sweep arpeggio shape (exercise 25). Again, be sure that only one note sounds at a time and that the notes are clearly and individually articulated. This shape does not require the “rolling technique” of the previous example. You will need to move fast to get to each note, but the articulation will be easier because each finger plays a different fret from string to string. Again, palm muting with the side of the picking hand will be needed to keep the sound clean. As in the previous example, we have a pull-off on the high E string. If the arpeggio is repeated, as it will be in the following demonstration, then the upward sweep on the descent will end on the D string and the pattern will begin again with a downstroke on the A string. The second time that Michael descends here, he continues the upstroke through the A string. It is also possible to simply play the A note twice. It is advisable to practice both methods.

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